Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Perfect advice for me...

Yesterday as I was googling my favorite etsy shop thinking about a new piece of jewelry, I ended up on a the personal blog of one of the women who runs the shop. She had recently posted a series on Pregnancy Loss and it was in the third installment that one of the contributors wrote the most perfect advice (at least in my opinion) about grief.

When you want to cry, cry. When you want to laugh, laugh. Don’t make a game plan for your grief. Embrace it, feel it and let it go when it’s ready to leave, however short or long that might be. Know that some days will be better than others, and that when you least expect it, grief will come back to visit.

I think that we often get caught up in how we should be feeling, and forget to just embrace how we are feeling- especially in times of grief. It doesn't matter if you are grieving the loss of a pregnancy, the idea of naturally getting pregnant, the ending of treatments or not having the natural delivery you had hoped for. The truth of the matter is, grief is NOT one size fits all, we all do it differently- at differing speeds, with various emotions and feeling about the future.


K said...

wow I really needed to hear that today! I am loving your blog!!! I recently had a second miscarriage after our second IVF. So I can relate to everything you are writing!!!

Michele said...

Good post, I think that we are not trained to think this way but doing so would really help get through a lot of different situations. And maybe I'm just more dramatic than that.