Friday, August 26, 2011


You guys are seriously cracking me up this morning!

So, funny story. Last night after I posted about the toilet seat covers I was telling my husband about the revelation, and he informed me that I'd been doing it correct fr 28 years and NOW I'm doing it wrong. However, his reasoning for doing it the opposite way of what I now consider 'right' was for an appendage that I do not possess.

So, because you all posted some hilarious comments about NEEDING to know, here is what I now consider the correct way to place the cover on the toilet seat..... the part that is still attached goes in the front. It stays in place SO much better when you put it on this way! (one of the comments explains this in more detail)

And yes, it felt like a ground breaking discovery in my drugged state. Life changing.


L said...

hahahaha - I seriously never thought about guys needing to turn the cover the other makes sense not though!

K said...

I seriously feel like going out to a public restroom just to try out this new these posts!

Anonymous said...

I've said it numerous times in other places, and I'll repeat it here:
The one upside of infertility: DRUGS!
Thanks, this made me LOL.