Monday, May 25, 2015

In laws.

I have so many updates to write, but tonight, I have to get something off my chest. In-laws. Bleck. I really do love mine, but I get beyond frustrated with them. They are great, and I do appreciate all they've done for us, but when it comes to our kids they drive me CRAZY.

Today's transgression is this (and feel free to tell me I'm over reacting):

Several months ago hubs and I decided we'd take our first camping trip with the boys late this spring. Since we have two young children we thought renting a cabin within a camp ground would be best. In an effort to include both of our sets of parents in this fun first, we invited the grandparents and both immediately agreed. We live about 2 hours from our families and were hoping this would be a fun time for everyone to spend with the boys and make some special memories. I've been so excited about it for weeks, thrilled that our boys would have the undivided attention of all their grandparents, playing in the dirt, eating their first marshmallows, etc. Until tonight.

We had called my in laws to tell them we'd built the trampoline they bought the boys for christmas (a story for another day) and my MIL says to hubs that they're bringing along our 3 year old niece. Not only is said neice the topic of conversation and comparison every time we see or talk to my in laws, but they see her and spend several hours with her multiple times every week. I just do not understand why they have to take this time away from the boys. Not only that, but it adds another toddler schedule to the mix- I'm sure there will be things they can't/don't want to do because of her, and that really frustrates me. I feel like I'm being super bratty about the whole thing, but it's for my kids and I guess if I'm going to be a brat, it might as well be for them.

We're still deciding if it's the right year to do a disney trip, but I told hubs today, if they pull this for that trip they will flat out be uninvited!

Weigh-in.... Am I waaaaaaay over reacting???