Thursday, March 6, 2014


I obviously don't know what it's like to parent a singleton, but with twins, often things happen quickly. This extends to many aspects of life with two babies but today I'm talking about "dropping" things.

We've found ourselves "not being able to take it any longer" MANY times, and just like that, one more "baby" thing has been dropped. Last week I decided I couldn't take H coming to our bed at night anymore. So we started training him to stay I his own bed. Most nights one if us sleeps on the floor in their room, but he hasn't been out of his crib in the night in over a week now. Even though I haven't experienced it yet- I know I'll miss waking up in my bed without him snuggled in close to his mama. It was a decision we made one afternoon and implemented that night, so there was no soaking in of that last time (which likely won't be the last EVER, but still) instead it just abruptly ended. We're getting so close on the training and I suspect they'll be sleeping through the night in their room ALONE very soon. The last two nights neither boy cried in the night at all! Now it's more about mama cutting the cord :)

Similarly, yesterday morning I noticed the boys' wubbanub pacifiers were on the disgusting side, so I threw all four into the wash at once- something I warn new wubbanub parents against all the time. My thought being, maybe today is the day, and if not, they can get along with just a regular lollie at nap time- they'll be dry by bedtime. And then something surprising happened... H took his morning nap without any trouble, while A needed a replacement lollie. At afternoon nap, both did without. The biggest surprise was they both slept all night without lollies. So with any luck, we're done with pacifiers (knocking on wood, crossing fingers) BUT since once again it was a random afterthought decision/attempt I didn't really look at my babies one last time, standing in their cribs with a small stuffed animal pacifier hanging off their face.  My babies (19m) are dropping  "baby" things left and right. And while it kind of breaks my heart, it is also pretty amazing. After all, we  have babies with the intention to raise them up into  good, productive boys  and girls/ men and women-- I'm pretty sure that can't happen if they're  still bunking with mama and daddy and sucking on a lollie.