IVF #1

6/28: Cycle Day One
6/30: Suppression Check & Anesthesia Consult- Perfect blood work and lots of follies on both sides!!!
7/2: Start Sims (1 vial of Menopur & 75iu of Follistim)
7/4: Ultrasound and blood work- several follies on both sides (increase Follistim to 100iu)
7/6: Ultrasound and blood work- about 25 follies total, E2 257 (increase Follistim to 125iu)
7/8: Ultrasound and blood work- about 20 follies, E2 687
7/10: Ultrasound and blood work- about 20 follies, E2 1297 (increase Follistim to 150iu)
7/12: Ultrasound and blood work- 16-18ish follies, E2 4792 (decrease Follistim to 50iu)
7/14: Egg Retrieval- 13 eggs!
7/15: Fertilization Report- of 13, 8 mature- 4 fertilized w/ ICSI
7/19: Embryo Transfer- transferred one perfect blast and one early blast
7/20: Remaining Embryo Report- both continued to grow and were able to be frozen!!
7/25: First positive pregnancy test EVER!!! 6dp5dt
7/26: Second positive pregnancy test- darker than yesterday!
7/27: I'm a junkie... just to see the magic word I do a digital, it doesn't leave me waiting- PREGNANT!
7/28: Beta- 106..... POSITIVE!!!
8/1: Beta 2- 157.8.... Pregnancy Purgatory begins.
8/3: Beta 3- 124... It is not looking good.
8/5: Beta 4- still dropping not sure of the value- stop taking all medications.
8/8: Ultrasound & Beta 5- 8.9, ultrasound shows thick uterine lining- told to expect heavy bleeding. Bleeding begins in the evening.
8/15: Beta 6- Negative.
8/31: Discussion appointment with RE- next steps.

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