Thursday, December 20, 2012


We had our 4 month well baby appointment yesterday, and while both boys are both healthy, only one of them is putting on weight the way he should be.

H (baby A) has always been our bigger boy. He came out weighing 7lbs 11oz as a twin... that is on the hefty side for sure. He then lost a fair amount of weight before we got to come home and was kind of slow to put it back on. He now, at four months, weighs in at 13lbs 3 oz. He still hasn't doubled his birth weight, but I think he will before our next appointment at 6 months! He currently sits in the 15th percentile for weight and the 77th for height at almost 26 inches long. Even though he is still a bit on the skinny side he feels HUGE to us compared to his tiny brother!

A (baby B) is our tiny guy, always has been, likely always will be. After yesterday's appointment he has won himself a return trip to the doctor for a weight check in three weeks. We're starting some reflux medication twice a day, and hopefully that will give him a nudge to gain a little weight. As it stands right now, he weighs 10lbs 15oz and is in the 1st percentile. He is maintaining his growth pattern in height (15th percentile at 24 inches) and head circumference (16.5 inches and 38th percentile) so the doctor isn't too concerned, but we'd all like to see him beef up a little.

Otherwise our appointment was uneventful. The boys each had their belly buttons cleaned out a bit- both had some residual scabbing way down deep from when they were born so their doctor got after it with several q-tips, a tongue depressor and some cleanser.... good as new! They both also had two shots one was three mixed together and also an oral gel. They did fairly well at the doctor's office and calmed down within about 5 minutes. The afternoon however was not super fun. Hubs wasn't able to come home after the appointment like he had the last time they had shots and I was WISHING he had! There were two fussy, cranky tired boys who both wanted their mama at the same time. Poor guys!

Hopefully they will be in better moods today- I have some cleaning to get done before we have holiday visitors over the weekend. I am ready for Friday to get here- then we have hubs home for 11 days! Time for mama to have a little break!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Thought Vomit...

  • Life with twins in exhausting, in the absolute best way. 
  • We are a traveling freak show. So much so, that when I go out and don't get stopped by at least three people I start to feel odd. 
  • Watching my husband interact with our boys is one of my favorite things. 
  • We know we want another baby, and I am absolutely terrified it wont happen. I think we're leaning toward not doing another fresh cycle for several reasons that I might share more about in another post someday, so its up to three frozen embryos, a spontaneous pregnancy or a change of heart about another fresh cycle waaaay down the road. 
  • Laundry. There is A LOT of it. 
  • Ever since the boys started sleeping through the night and dropped a feeding I've needed to be a lot more careful about what I eat. Gone are the days of this nursing mama eating anything and everything she wants!
  • The boys are both drooling a TON, and constantly have their hands in their mouths. I am afraid for my nipples. 
  • Once the boys started sleeping through the night it became very difficult to wake up with one of them in the wee morning hours. On the nights it happens I find it much harder than it was when they were tiny newborns-  I guess its because back then I expected it. 
  • One week until Christmas. We just ordered our Christmas cards. Whoops!
  • I think we're going to transition the boys from the co-sleeper (its a mini) into one of their cribs in our room this weekend. I have a feeling there isn't going to be a whole lot of sleep going on... for any of us!
  • We are working on changing our spare room/office over to a playroom for the boys. It will be really nice to have a space to keep some of the larger toys. 
  • My hair is falling out like crazy. We figured out my thyroid was way off which could be a contributor, or it may just be postpartum hair loss.... either way, no thank you. 
  • I really need to sew some stockings for the boys....again, Christmas is in ONE WEEK.
  • We've traveled for Christmas every year we've been married. This year we are not making the 2 hour drive. It will be just the four of us, and I'm looking forward to the nice relaxing holiday. Hubs is taking the whole week off, so we will have daddy home for a nice chunk of time!
  • The boys take 4 or 5 one hour naps per day.. I can't wait until we can drop a couple of those and make a couple of the others LONGER! It is so hard to get things done!
  • I would not change a single thing about my life right now. I am so deliriously happy- it makes me realize just how unhappy I was in the years we were struggling to get pregnant. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

A Year and 4 Months!

One year ago Saturday I took a pregnancy test WAAAY too early at 4dp5dt and saw the two pink lines that changed EVERYTHING. I wasn't sure at that point if we would be blessed with two babies or one, but I had a sneaking suspicion that there would be two. I never, even after all of the waiting, dreamed they would change my life as much as they have. Sure my days are busy and my life revolves largely around eating, pooping and trying to get babies down for naps, but it is a nice change from needles, appointments and wands. I would (and likely will) do it all over again. It has been worth every single moment of heartache, painful procedure or injection and cent we ever spent. So, if you're still trying and have a some fight left in ya, KEEP GOING!

Saturday also marked another exciting day- the boys are FOUR MONTHS OLD! They are usually sleeping though the night, nursing six times per days and drinking five bottles of supplemented formula. They both can roll from belly to back, but generally choose not to. They still love their play mat, riding in the stroller and their car seats on most occasions. H will nap in his crib sometimes, but A refuses. At night they are both wedged into the co-sleeper together pulled up next to my side of the bed. H stays in the co-sleeper all night, and A usually wants to snuggle up with mama for the last couple of hours. I absolutely love having them in our room and fear it is going to be really hard for me to let them go to their own room. There is nothing sweeter than falling asleep to sweet baby sleep noises and snuggling up to a sleepy baby first thing in the morning!

I'm sure there is more to update on, but I have two little tikes not so gently reminding me that they are the priority right now :)