Tuesday, January 31, 2012

10 weeks

How Far Along: 10 weeks
How Big is Baby? The size of a prune.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Down about 8 pounds. 
Maternity Clothes: Yes, please! I have a couple pairs of maternity jeans, but otherwise it is yoga pants for me. Tops still fit fine- I bought one maternity shirt on clearance the other day, but I don't need it yet. 
Gender: I cannot wait to find out!
Movement: Nothing yet, I can't wait to feel these little babes squirming!
Sleep: I'm still crazy tired. Lately I've been waking up around 3 or 4 in the morning and laying there for an hour or so-- which only adds to the exhaustion later in the day!
Belly button in or out? In.
What I miss: Life before heartburn.
Milestones: Making it to ten weeks without a single complication seems like a pretty big milestone!
Food Cravings:  Pizza! It was soooo good, and followed by many, many Tums! Totally worth it :)
Aversions: Eggs mostly.
Symptoms: Pretty much the same as last week... nausea if I let myself get too hungry, fatigue, constipation, sore nipples and a healthy dose of heartburn after eating pretty much anything.
Best Moment this week: Seeing the babies again on Friday and graduations from our RE's office!
Funny Moment (new this week): Last night we were watching TV and a commercial came on for World Wildlife Fund (WWF). It first showed this beautiful tiger that I was gushing over and then it showed a trap and machinery leveling the land where these animals live. Cue the tears. Then, only to make matters worse, it shows her babies.... which just so happen to be super cute twin cubs. I say something to the effect of 'That mama has twins too' and by this point my face is wet and both my husband and I are laughing hysterically at my inability to contain my emotions. 
What I'm looking forward to: My first OB appointment tomorrow and finding out when we'll get to see our babies again!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Graduation Day!!!

Another great ultrasound!

I'm 9w3d one baby was measuring 9w2d and the other 9w1d, so they are growing right along at the same rate they've been growing for the last several weeks! Great news!

The hearts were beating at very similar rates- 170 and 174. I don't think I'll ever get tired of that sound!

Everything looked great and we graduated from our RE's office today! My nurse called this afternoon with my hormone levels and everything was right on track. My E2 was 6,000+ and progesterone was 53.1. The nurse was quick to explain that even though my progesterone is down from where it was the last time it was drawn, it is completely normal since I've decreased those horrid suppositories. She also said it is just exactly where they had hoped it would be. 

So, today was great news all around! Hooray!

AAAAANNNNNNDDD... I can stop taking METFORMIN!!!!


I have another one for ya...

Just a little back story... we were watching a show about shrimp fishermen in the south before I went to bed. 

The dream started out fairly realistic with Hubs and I sitting in the waiting room at our RE's office. We were waiting for the appointment we have this afternoon, our 9w3d ultrasound. When we arrived in the room for the ultrasound, my husband informed our doctor that we wouldn't be needing her today because get this, 'I have an app. for that.' That may be one of my least favorite phrases EVER. Anyway, my husband waved his iphone over my abdomen and we had a little peek at our babes. I then asked about printing some pictures and listening to that whoosh of their hearts beating... apparently, there is NOT an app. for that. Cue alligator tears. 

I then got up and searched out our doctor. She was just getting ready to call another patient back, but agreed to give me a quick ultrasound. Unfortunately, there was only one open room. It had three chairs inside and just a portable ultrasound machine. She told me to go ahead and lay on the ground and she then inserted the wand. This is where it takes a turn for the worse. She turned into one of those men we'd watched on the shrimp fishing  show. Now the person working the wand in my whoo-ha was missing teeth, wearing a ripped shirt, had likely not washed his hands in weeks years and was calling my lady bits a bur-gina. WOW. 

No wonder I slept like garbage that night... who could possibly have restful sleep during that!

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Nearly every night after dinner I lay out flat on the floor in the living room. It feels amazing on my already sore back (um, what are months 6,7 & 8 going to feel like?!?!) and while I'm there, allowing my back and hips to find their way back to normal through a series of wonderful pops, I place my hands on my lower abdomen and try to feel my uterus. Sometimes it is really easy, most of the time really, but others it takes a little more effort. With each day it seems to grow some and be easier to find. It is such a weird feeling to feel it from the outside and as a result feel it from the inside. Oh, how I can't wait to feel kicks and barrel rolls from these babes! 

Anyway, as I was laying there last night I looked at the hubs as I asked 'does it look like it is growing?' he turned with big eyes and replied with a 'YES!' Let's get one thing straight, I had some 'fluff' of my own going into this pregnancy- and I've always wondered if I'd really be able to tell when I was showing in the super early stages because it might be masked by the belly I already had. Apparently, it is obvious... at least while I'm laying flat on my back. I'll take it for now :)

I guess those maternity pants (that still haven't arrived) weren't as unnecessary as I thought. I have a feeling I'll actually be needing them, rather than just wanting them very soon. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Earlier in the week I watched a you tube video of an ultrasound at 9w3d, which is what I'll be on Friday for our ultrasound. It was amazing. Although I know the physical changes that are happening with our babies right now,  I know it wont really hit me until I see it with my own eyes. On that video I was looking at a baby who had little arms and legs waving around... I can't wait to see the same thing on Friday x2!

I had a HORRIBLE and completely unrealistic dream earlier in the week about our babies. I woke with my hand right on the hard spot of my belly where our babes are growing. Sometimes I feel it more than others and in that moment it was more obvious than it had ever been.

The nausea seems to be subsiding some (**knocks on wood**), so I'm doing my best to eat a little more. Eating is still difficult since heartburn seems to be a sure thing after almost every meal. Though I've found if I can manage to stay upright longer after eating I'm better off. There is just something about a full belly that makes me want to lay down and take a nap!

I'm sure I'll be back Friday with an update about our ultrasound. Until then, I'll be counting down the minutes!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

9 weeks

How Far Along: 9 weeks
How Big is Baby? The size of a green olive.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Down about 7.5 pounds. 
Maternity Clothes: I pretty much live in yoga pants when appropriate. Otherwise, I have one pair of maternity jeans, and two more on the way after ordering them during an Old Navy sale last week. It is fair to say that I don't yet NEED maternity pants, but they feel so much better up against my belly/bloat/whatever it currently is!
Gender: Waiting, waiting, waiting :)
Movement: It is waaaaay too early.
Sleep: I've been sleeping better, and usually only need a nap on week days when I get up early. Typically I can make it through the day on weekends when I wake up a couple of hours later.
Belly button in or out? In.
What I miss: I can't think of anything this week.
Milestones: I *THINK* I can feel my uterus growing. They say you cant feel it above your pubic bone for a couple more weeks, but I'm guessing that is different when you are carrying twins.
Food Cravings:  Potato chips dipped in a chocolate milk shake... someone please tell me how I'm still down from my pre-pregnancy weight!
Aversions: Eggs, onions and some sweets.
Symptoms: Nausea if I let myself get too hungry, fatigue, sore nipples and a healthy dose of heartburn after eating pretty much anything.
Best Moment this week: Sharing the good news with a few more people.
What I'm looking forward to: Seeing our babies again on Friday!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Things Change...

I feel like I don't have much to say these days. I always wondered why IF turned pregnancy bloggers abandoned their blogs once they finally reached the end goal. I guess I understand now. There just isn't much to talk about. No monitoring, symptom obsessing (that is only a partial truth) or needle jabbing.

Right now there is less stressing about the babies growing and more stressing about exactly what life is going to be like once they are born. I'm not worried about the actual delivery of the babies, but I've been thinking A LOT about where said delivery will take place. We live in a small town outside of a much larger metro area. Our local hospital is an acute care facility and while they have a great birthing center, they do not have a NICU. This is one of the main things I'm going to talk with my OB about in a couple of weeks when I finally see her. I really don't like the idea of having the babies locally and then needing to transfer them to a larger hospital before I'm released. Even if I can't be with them, I would like for us all to be in the same physical location. I should probably just relax about the whole thing for now- it is still a LOOONG way down the road!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

8 weeks

How Far Along: 8 weeks
How Big is Baby? The size of a raspberry... again with my smoothie fruits!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Down about 7 pounds. 
Maternity Clothes: I broke down. Though there is no belly to speak of yet, there is some pretty uncomfortable bloat still hanging around. That, added to the knowledge that there are TWO growing babes in there that will likely be making an appearance sooner rather than later, I bought one pair of maternity jeans over the weekend. Um, jeans with a super soft stretchy waistband in the front.... yes please!
Gender: I can't wait to find out!
Movement: It is going to be awhile!
Sleep: I've been sleeping better and better as I learn what positions work best for me. I'm still tired pretty much every afternoon, but I don't always require a nap to make it through the day which is a nice change!
Belly button in or out? In.
What I miss: Maybe food sounding good, but I wouldn't trade these babes for ANYTHING!
Milestones: Hearing both heart beats and finding out baby B had a big growth spurt this week and has caught up with his/her brother or sister!
Food Cravings:  Nothing big this week that I can remember- maybe grapes and frozen juice pops. 
Aversions: Eggs are still a big 'no thank you!'
Symptoms: Nausea seems to hit the most when I'm getting hungry, otherwise I'm feeling pretty good. I'm still pretty tired a lot of the time and my nipples are still incredibly tender.
Best Moment this week: Hearing two strong heartbeats and getting to have another look at our little babes!
What I'm looking forward to: Sharing the news with a few more close friends/family over the weekend. 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Ultrasound update....

Two heartbeats!!!

I'm 7w3d today...
Baby A: 160bpm measures 7w2d
Baby B: 153bpm measures 7w3d

Completely and totally in love :)

Final RE appointment and ultrasound January 27th!!! BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Ultrasound Round Two...

Ultrasound #2 is today. Nervous, ready, excited, scared... they are all there. All the usual suspects. I'm feeling pretty confident though. The symptoms are helping, but they come and go, usually going when I need them the most! My dang boobs are still pretty sore all.the.time so that makes me feel better. I haven't gone without a bra for longer than a shower in weeks. My pretty sure the ladies are suffocating- but I can't help it, it hurts too much!!

Our clinic usually does pregnancy ultrasounds in the afternoon, so last weeks 11:30 appointment was a nice treat. Today I have to wait until 2:30... which might as well be sometime tomorrow! I can't wait to see those little babes!

I'll be sure to update once we're done :)

In the meantime go give E some love, with any luck she's pushing a baby out right now! I told her yesterday I'd text her after our ultrasound- stating that she'd 'likely be kinda busy pushing out a baby or something.' To which, she responded with 'I hope she's either out or being pushed out by then!' .... we decided we'd race. I hope for her sake she wins!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


... I can't wait! I'm a lot more confident than I was last week. I'm still anxious, but I'm more excited than scared this time around. I've been praying constantly that both of those sweet little hearts are still beating- I can't wait to see them, to hear them and to bring home sweet little pictures of them!

Not much else is new other than my new realization that the longer I sleep in the morning the better I feel all day. Yesterday Hub's alarm didn't go off and we over slept by two hours... it was amazing!

Frozen grapes are fantastic- whoever suggested them (M, I think!) thank you!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

7 weeks

How Far Along: 7 weeks
How Big is Baby? Currently the size of a blueberry- which is making my morning smoothie sound a little less appetizing!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Down 7.5 ish pounds since retrieval.
Maternity Clothes: No maternity clothes yet, but I did buy a BeBand in hopes that I could keep up my pants that are too big and conceal my unbuttoned smaller pants. I haven't worn it yet, so I can't report on how it works. I'm pretty much living in yoga pants :)
Gender: ???
Movement: It is going to be awhile!
Sleep: I'm sleeping pretty well and just getting up once around 4 or 5 to go to the bathroom. I'm still napping nearly daily. 
Belly button in or out? In.
What I miss: Nothing!
Milestones: Seeing heartbeats!!!!
Food Cravings:  Carrots, tater tots, super cold water and sparkling raspberry juice.
Aversions: Eggs.
Symptoms: I'm still really tired and have been adding nausea to the list this week especially when I'm starting to get hungry
Best Moment this week: Seeing two flickers on the ultrasound and hearing baby A's heart beat- getting to tell our families we are expecting twins!
What I'm looking forward to: Our second ultrasound on Friday!

Monday, January 9, 2012


In the last couple of weeks it's been increasingly difficult to get the motivation to actually make food when its time to eat. So, my solution to this problem has been making things ahead so they are ready to go ( at least mostly) at meal time.

Soup has been tolerable, so last week I made a big pot of Pan.era creamy chicken and rice soup and this week I made broccoli cheese. In addition I made a quiche for Hub's breakfasts for the week. Though he assures me it smells fantastic, the scent makes me want to lose my last meal. I'm pretty sure the morning reheating/eating is going to need to take place at the office from now on!

Otherwise, I'm feeling ok. A little sick to my stomach and REALLY tired, but oh so happy :)

This morning I set up my first OB appointment at the request of my RE. I wont be seen by my OB until February 1st, at 10w1d. This will be just a few days after what we assume will be my final appointment/graduation from our RE's office at 9w3d.

4 more days until our second peek inside!!! I can't wait!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Grocery shopping is getting more interesting...

It's not super typical for me to be hungry (thankyouverymuch metformin), but as this pregnancy progresses it is happening more and more often which likely has something to do with my body working on growing two little babes. It seems when hunger strikes these days it comes with a very specific need. Saturday morning at 6:30am this item happened to be carrots. I NEEDED them. This tiny little craving landed hubs and I at the grocery store at 8am with a basket full of totally random items.

Saturday morning's breakfast went a little something like this.....
Cottage cheese with pineapple and a TON of pepper
Tater tots
Lots of icy cold water

Honestly, it totally grosses me out to even look at that list. However, in the moment it was SO good. I guess I can't complain too much, it's better nourishment than a steamy pile of pancakes drenched in butter and syrup. Which, now that I think about it, sounds fantastic :)

Really though, I'm having a horrible time coming up with things that sound good. Tell me what is sounding good to you today, what your go-to's were in the first trimester or what your all time favorite meal and snack are. Thanks a million. Now,  try not to write anything gross or I may gag while I read through them :)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

So Happy!

First off, thanks for all of the fun comments yesterday, we are really excited!!!

Next, I'm not going to lie, I was terrified yesterday morning that we were going to get to the ultrasound and there was going to be nothing in there. My one symptom that had been holding strong (crazy sore boobs) was suddenly much better this when I woke up. Freaked.Out. Hubs held strong and was sure everything was fine. He was right. Like usual... don't tell him I said that.

As soon as the wand was in I saw two sacs and was instantly calmed when I could see the flicker of a heartbeat. The other sac seemed smaller, so I wasn't sure if it was viable, but I just kept focusing on that flicker... best.thing.ever! Well, until she turned on the sound and we got to hear that little heart beating :)

She told us there were two right away and after noting the heartbeat in the first she moved to the second and we tried to see the heartbeat. We didn't see it at first, but we were able to see the yolk sac and the baby. She then went back to baby A took the measurements (6w2d) and we listened to that sweet beating heart. Baby B is situated behind Baby A and is a little tricky to get a good image of, but on second glance we were all able to see the tell tale flicker. Baby B measured 2 days behind Baby A at 6w.

We're hopeful that we'll be able to hear both heartbeats next Friday! 6 days until we get to see them again :)

I'm feeling much more confident today. It also helps that the symptoms came back in full force yesterday afternoon :)

In other, nearly as exciting news... My hormone levels looked great yesterday and I can stop estrogen (5,031) all together and I get to move do to two progesterone suppositories a day from three because my progesterone was nice and high at (120.2). My doctor did tell me that she likes to keep twin pregnancies on progesterone until about 12 weeks.... 5 more weeks of those little gems- JOY!

Friday, January 6, 2012


Twins! Today I'm 6w3d- baby A is measuring 6w2d and baby B is measuring 6w0d. We saw the flicker of both hearts, but we were only able to hear baby A's today. Our doctor said there was about a 70 percent chance that baby B would be viable, but that was before we found that tiny little flicker!

We're pretty excited and cautiously optimistic that this will be a healthy twin pregnancy. Next ultrasound- one week from today!!! BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Thursday, January 5, 2012


24 hours... which might as well be 24 days. I can't wait to find out exactly what is going on inside there! I'm feeling slightly more confident than I was earlier in the week, but I just want it to hurry up and happen. I'm pretty sure I've never been so excited for a vaginal ultrasound in all of my life!!!

P.S I was dreaming of pickles all.night.long. Perhaps I'll have one with my lunch and see if I find them as amazing as I did in my dreams last night!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The best laid plans...

I just realized that I never told you guys the story of how we told our families over Christmas. It was a comedy of errors really....

Both of our families always want to take a family photo sometime over the holiday, so we thought this would be the ideal time to break the news and get a fun memento of their reactions. Ha. 

First up was my family. We all gathered in front of the Christmas tree, just the members of my immediate family that were in attendance. Hubs got the camera all set up and we took a couple of pictures. I think he got a little nervous and ended up saying 'oh this one is good' and was ready to be done. I obviously objected and said lets do one more just in case and gave him 'the look.' With the next photo he ran, got into the picture and said 'W&W is pregnant!!' Well, that isn't totally true, he used my actual name, but you get the picture. The photo.... a bunch of blank stares. No smiles, no surprised faces, no screams. They all thought that Hubs was about to be killed. They thought he was kidding and I was about go after him. Yeah, like after all we've been through, which they are well aware of, I'm sure my husband would be dumb enough to JOKE about me being pregnant. 
Needless to say, we were a little disappointed, but it is one thing they will NEVER live down.

And a couple days later we did it all again thinking for sure my husbands family wouldn't peg him for the idiot my family obviously thought he was. Turns out, we were wrong. Same picture. No reaction... like zero, zilch. 

Yes, both families were very excited once they realized that this was for real, but our picture plan crashed and burned. Well, it failed in the sense that we don't have a picture of them screaming with surprise and excitement, we do however have two fairly funny pictures that we will love to show our kid/kids someday showing them just how excited their family was about the news of their arrival. Ha! 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I'm six weeks today. 

3 more days until our first ultrasound. 

50% excited.

50% terrified.

Thankfully there are a few symptoms floating around that seem to be helping me stay hopeful about Friday's appointment. My nipples are still sore (though that may be from checking to see if they are sore multiple times a day!), I'm crazy thirsty and as a result I'm spending a lot of time in the bathroom and then there is the heartburn. Though none of them are glamorous, it is a nice reassurance that my body might actually be doing something right. 

I have a feeling the next three days are going to feel like an ETERNITY!