Sunday, January 8, 2012

Grocery shopping is getting more interesting...

It's not super typical for me to be hungry (thankyouverymuch metformin), but as this pregnancy progresses it is happening more and more often which likely has something to do with my body working on growing two little babes. It seems when hunger strikes these days it comes with a very specific need. Saturday morning at 6:30am this item happened to be carrots. I NEEDED them. This tiny little craving landed hubs and I at the grocery store at 8am with a basket full of totally random items.

Saturday morning's breakfast went a little something like this.....
Cottage cheese with pineapple and a TON of pepper
Tater tots
Lots of icy cold water

Honestly, it totally grosses me out to even look at that list. However, in the moment it was SO good. I guess I can't complain too much, it's better nourishment than a steamy pile of pancakes drenched in butter and syrup. Which, now that I think about it, sounds fantastic :)

Really though, I'm having a horrible time coming up with things that sound good. Tell me what is sounding good to you today, what your go-to's were in the first trimester or what your all time favorite meal and snack are. Thanks a million. Now,  try not to write anything gross or I may gag while I read through them :)


E and R said...

I didn't really have that many cravings - mostly aversions. The worst was to cheese - which I LOVE, but couldn't stand during the first trimester.
The cravings I do remember are:
Hi-C Orange drink - I couldn't get enough of it and the next one is pretty gross... tacos and onion rings..not at separate meals, but for lunch one day that is what I HAD to have!

M said...

Frozen grapes! Freeze them, then cut them into quarters, and they make such a sweet, healthy snack. p

TurtleMama said...

Lots of Zesta saltines. Cheese toast. Cereal. Fresh squeezed orange juice. Hope that you don't get too nauseated in the first trimester. Mine went away around 14 weeks and I started eating alot more and don't have aversions to much of anything now.

Sarra said...

In the beginning I was eating a lot of oatmeal. It tasted so good and was easy on my stomach. Also, apples are my favorite thing. I would cut them up and also grab some string cheese - great for a healthy snack! I hope you get to avoid morning sickness. Just keep eating small meals throughout the day and it will help keep the hunger at bay.

Emily said...

Don't you just hate metformin? I have to force myself to eat every meal. That actually sounds like a great breakfast, except no pepper for me. I can't help you with cravings, but my go to snack is apples and peanut butter. Another good one is nutella on graham crackers. Hope you find some good stuff to eat.