Saturday, January 7, 2012

So Happy!

First off, thanks for all of the fun comments yesterday, we are really excited!!!

Next, I'm not going to lie, I was terrified yesterday morning that we were going to get to the ultrasound and there was going to be nothing in there. My one symptom that had been holding strong (crazy sore boobs) was suddenly much better this when I woke up. Freaked.Out. Hubs held strong and was sure everything was fine. He was right. Like usual... don't tell him I said that.

As soon as the wand was in I saw two sacs and was instantly calmed when I could see the flicker of a heartbeat. The other sac seemed smaller, so I wasn't sure if it was viable, but I just kept focusing on that flicker... best.thing.ever! Well, until she turned on the sound and we got to hear that little heart beating :)

She told us there were two right away and after noting the heartbeat in the first she moved to the second and we tried to see the heartbeat. We didn't see it at first, but we were able to see the yolk sac and the baby. She then went back to baby A took the measurements (6w2d) and we listened to that sweet beating heart. Baby B is situated behind Baby A and is a little tricky to get a good image of, but on second glance we were all able to see the tell tale flicker. Baby B measured 2 days behind Baby A at 6w.

We're hopeful that we'll be able to hear both heartbeats next Friday! 6 days until we get to see them again :)

I'm feeling much more confident today. It also helps that the symptoms came back in full force yesterday afternoon :)

In other, nearly as exciting news... My hormone levels looked great yesterday and I can stop estrogen (5,031) all together and I get to move do to two progesterone suppositories a day from three because my progesterone was nice and high at (120.2). My doctor did tell me that she likes to keep twin pregnancies on progesterone until about 12 weeks.... 5 more weeks of those little gems- JOY!


E and R said...

I am so over the moon excited for you! And I am sad that I won't live here anymore when you have them...guess I will have to come back and visit!

Joys Truly said...

Yippeee!!! I am so excited for two little twinkies growing away in your belly. Congrats and I will keep sending good thoughts and prayers for many more happy milestones!

amy said...

Oh my goodness, how exciting!!!!!!!!! I almost cried reading that, soooo incredibly happy for you guys :) Praying for a very healthy pregnancy!

Sybil said...

I am so happy for you!!! Congratulations!!

JM said...

I'm so happy for you, C!!!!

Can't wait for your u/s next Friday :)

Sara McLaughlin said...

Omg twins!!! Congratulations, you are blessed beyond measure!! Wishing you a happy and healthy gestation :) amazing amazing amazing!

Janet said...

That's amazing! I am SO VERY VERY happy for you both. Sending lots of Canadian love and good vibes your way!

Kelli said...

oh my goodness..I haven't been on here...sooo excited for you!!!!!!!!!yayayayayayay!!!! Congrats!!!