Where we came from...

Summer 2006: Married!
July 2008: Threw out the BCP and started trying
November 2008: Prometrium to stimulate a period
February 2009: Prometrium to stimulate a period
May 2009: Spontaneous period, Yahoo!
May 2009: Meet with NP to talk about abnormal cycles and getting pregnant. Blood work- all normal!
June 2009: Clomid cycle #1 (50mg)- Negative
June 2009: SA- Normal!
July-November 2009: Clomid cycles 2-6 (100mg)- Negative
December 2009: NP says it is time to move on to a RE. We decide to take a break from the drugs and try naturally.
February-July 2010: Cycles become abnormal but at the other end of the spectrum from before. Shorter cycles with longer periods.
August 2010: Make an appointment with a new primary care doctor. Blood work shows under active thyroid. Diagnosed hypo. All other blood work comes back normal. Referral to RE.
September 2010: First appointment with RE. Advised to try IUI with Clomid and trigger. Orders for blood work, baseline ultrasound and HSG.
September 2010: HSG all clear!
October 2010: IUI #1- Clomid 100mg CD 3-7 + Ovidrel trigger (post wash sperm count 8 million)..... Negative
October 2010: Sperm function testing- low count, slightly low motility. Suggested treatment: continue with IUI.
November 2010: IUI #2- Clomid 100mg CD3-7 + Ovidrel trigger (post wash sperm count 2.5 million)..... Negative
December 2010: IUI #3- Clomid 100mg CD3-7 + Ovidrel trigger (post wash sperm count 7.9 million)..... Negative
January 2011: IUI #4- Clomid 100mg CD3-7 + Ovidrel trigger (post wash sperm count 10 million)..... Negative
January 2011: Discussion appointment with RE about 'next steps.' We decided to move forward with injectable medications (Follistim) and IUI for a maximum of 3 more cycles. After that, we will move on to IVF with ICSI if we're not successful.
February 2011: IUI #5- Follistim 75iu CD 3-12 + Ovidrel trigger (post wash sperm count 7 million)... Negative
March 2011: IUI #6- Follistim 75iu CD 3-14 + Ovidrel trigger (post wash sperm count 12 million )... Negative
April 2011: Taking a break while we wait for our IVF consultation on April 26th- the consult went great and we will be starting the 3 month IVF process VERY soon!!!
May 2011: Natural Cycle- ivf testing: baseline ultrasound, day 3 blood work, infectious disease screening, mock transfer and doppler ultrasound.
June 2011: Birth control, IVF 101 class, injections class and Lupron at the end of the month
July 2011: Stims/ER/ET!!!
July 28, 2011: Positive Beta 106
August 8, 2011: Miscarriage/Chemical pregnancy
August 31, 2011: Next steps appointment- IVF Round 2 set to begin sometime in October!!
September 16, 2011: Period seems to be MIA after M/C- Ultrasound
September, 2011: One cycle of BCP- while I try to loose a little more weight
September 16, 2011: Start Prov.era to start period - 7 days
September 27, 2011: CD 1- FINALLY!
September 28, 2011: Baseline ultrasound and blood work
September 29, 2011: Start BCP
October 2011: Start BCP for IVF at the end of the month
November, 2011: Start stims late in the month
December, 2011: ER/ET
December 20, 2011: Positive Beta 398

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