My Twin Pregnancy

Twin Boys!

12.20.2011- Positive beta from second IVF/ICSI-- 398 (9dp5dt)
12.22.2011- Doubling beta-- 889.3 (11dp5dt)
12.27.2011- Thyroid appointment (5w)-- TSH 2.47, Increased levo.thyroxine to 100mcg from 75mcg
1.6.2012- First ultrasound (6w3d) -- TWINS! Baby A measures 6w2d and has a heart rate of 112bpm- Baby B measures 6w0d we were able to see the heart beating, but we were not yet able to hear/measure it.
1.13.2012- Second ultrasound (7w3d)-- Baby A: 160bpm measures 7w2d & Baby B: 153bpm measures  7w3d
1.21.2012- Thyroid re-check appointment (8w3d)-- TSH 1.38, re-check in two months. 
1.27.2012- Third ultrasound (9w3d)-- 170 and 174 BPM, measuring 9w2d and 9w1d. Stop metformin!!!
2.1.2012- First appointment with OB (10w1d)-- Everything looks great! Blood work, urine sample and a very quick ultrasound. 
2.6.2012- Reduce Endometrin to once per day, in the evening.
2.13.2012- Final dose of Endometrin and Aspirin.
3.7.2012- OB appointment and ultrasound (15w1d)-- The babies looked great and we were able to find out that baby A is a boy and baby B is most likely a boy. We will find out for sure at 19 weeks when we go back for another ultrasound!
3.14.2012- Thyroid appointment (16w1d)-- TSH 1.66, re-check in two months.
4.3.2012- OB appointment and ultrasound (19w)-- Both babies look great and are both baby boys! The only potential issue is Baby A's placenta is a little too close to my cervix- about 1.7cm away.
5.1.2012- OB appointment and ultrasound (23w)-- Both babies are looking great. They are weighing in at 1lb 4oz and 1lb 5oz. Both of the boys are head down and my potential placenta issue has already resolved itself!!
5.10.2012- Thyroid appointment (24w2d)-- TSH 1.512, re-check in two months.
5.18.2012- Spotting scare (25w3d)-- we saw my doctor and heard both heartbeats. She couldn't find the source of the bleeding, but I haven't seen any more since then.
5.29.12- OB appointment, ultrasound and GD Test (27w)-- Both babies are looking good. Baby A was 2 lbs 5oz and Baby B was 2 lbs 2oz. Baby A is head down still, but his brother has flipped and is now head up and feet down. Glucose test came back normal!
6.14.12- First appointment with our delivering doctor (29w 2d)-- Everything went really well. We heard their hearts beating and our new doctor informed us that we would be most likely having these babies by 38 weeks!
6.26.12- OB appointment (31w1d)-- Everything looks great. I heard both heartbeats, and everything else checked out good. My blood pressure was slightly elevated, so we will watch that over the next few weeks.
7.11.12- Thyroid appointment  (33w2d)-- TSH 1.67, recheck 4 weeks after delivery.
7.12.12- OB appointment & Ultrasound (33w3d)-- Looking good! We saw both boys which really look more like a bag of baby parts at this point than actual babies. Weighing in at  (A)5 lbs 3oz and  (B)4lbs 14oz.
7.19.12- OB appointment (34w3d)-- GBS test, whopping cough vaccine, 1cm dilated and 80% effaced. Baby B is transverse breach with his arms and legs pointed up- we decide for everyone's safety a c-section is out best option.
7.27.12- OB appointment (35w4d)-- GBS positive- doesn't really matter since I'm having a c-section. Everything else looks great!
8.2.12- OB appointment (36w3d)-- Still dilated to 1cm and 'soft'. Both hearts were beating right in range and everything else looks great still.
8.9.12- OB appointment & ultrasound (37w3d)-- Ultrasound shows baby A weighing in at 6lbs 14oz and baby B weighing in at 7lbs 3oz. Both boys have plenty of fluid and are growing at a very similar pace. My blood pressure while still in normal range is slightly higher and my urine test was beginning to lean toward possible proteins, but mostly likely it was the highly concentrated sample since my appointment was SO early.
8.10.12- OB follow up (37w4d)-- Blood pressure is in a more normal range for me and my urine test came back normal as well. No cause for worry.
8.15.12- C-Section (38w2d)-- Everything went great! The boys were born with no complications. Baby B, A, had a hard time keeping his temp. up and went with Daddy to the special care nursery for about an hour and returned just in time to move with H and mommy from our recovery room to our postpartum room.
8.29.12- Post-op OB appointment-- Looking good. Healing well and released to drive!!

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