Friday, August 19, 2011

More Needles?

I know I asked for your opinions before IVF #1, but I'm back to ask again. Don't you hate people who ask the same questions over and over???


I decided to skip it last time because it just felt like added stress to me. The fertility acupuncturists that are associated with my clinic aren't convenient and I felt like adding another appointment was just going to be more work than it was worth. In addition, it isn't covered by my insurance, so paying for something completely out of pocket when I was on the fence about it seemed like a silly idea.

What's different this time around? Well, in reality not much. I do have some money in an FSA that ended up not being spent on IVF #1 that could go toward acupuncture, but the clinics are still out of the way, and I'm still not a huge fan of needles- especially ones that just sit in your body for awhile. Creeps me out in a big way!

I've heard that it is the most relaxing thing ever and that I will feel SO much better after I just try it, but I'm not big on new things.... especially new things with needles. Yeah, and yesterday I told you that I wanted to do another fresh cycle instead of frozen.. please find my logic and return it to me!

I think my biggest reason for considering it this time around is relaxation. Last cycle I was very, very relaxed, but I have a feeling after the events of the last few weeks I'm stress level may be a little higher the next time around.

So tell me, infertility aside- on a scale of 1 to 10 how much does acupuncture relax you?


Anonymous said...

My acupuncture experience was mixed. Most of the time it was very relaxing and peaceful. But, occasionally, I wouldn't be in the right head-space. Then, I would spend 30 minutes worrying about my life, while in a small/dark room.

You may just want to go once to see if you feel better after.

E and R said...

I found acupuncture to be very relaxing - however, the drive to/from the office took away that relaxation. So, I am not sure how the relaxation benefited me all that much since I then had to drive home - often in more traffic than I would care to drive in. So, kind of a mixed thing as well. I did get a little bored while I just lay there with needles in me, occasionally I was able to doze off, but I was afraid of moving (even though I was told it was fine) so the sleep wasn't necessarily the most renewing type of sleep.
I agree with Rain Child - you may give it a try and see how it goes. But, if it is just going to be added stress, it may not be worth it.

Stephanie said...

I can't speak for myself as I'm terrified of needles as well, however, had our last cycle not worked and when we go through this again, I will go to one. A IRL good friend is trying for baby#2 with IVF. She found a fertility acupuncturist and despite being afraid of the needles too, said it was more relaxing for her than a massage. She said, in the future, she'd rather spend money on acupuncture than a massage. She's a fan, but isn't going on some crazy schedule. And in her same vein, she just had a loss from her 2nd fresh IVF cycle and her RE and her both agreed to skip FET#2 and move onto fresh #3. I don't think you're crazy for skipping the frozen right now at all :) Hugs and can't wait to hear what you decide about acupuncture. I say give it at least a try, maybe you'll love it to! Or at least you'll know for sure and won't question 'what if?'

JM said...

I enjoyed acupuncture when I went for a few months. I only stopped because we moved and I've been too lazy to find someone new.

I agree with Rain, you have to force yourself not to think about the stressful parts of life, but to focus on the music and the heating pad you're laying on and just let go.

I don't know if it did any more good than just the relaxation, but I sure felt great when I left.

browning2222 said...

Hello, I'm new to your blog and this is my first comment. I am doing acupuncture right now (this is my first treatment cycle using it) and I've just started a FET cycle (transfer date is 9/9). My thoughts on acupuncture, the needles were a big deal to me at first but honestly you do not feel them. The laying there in a dark room for 20-30 minutes is what kills me because all I do is lay there thinking and lately cry. I'm going to continue until the cycle is over to see if it helps me at all. Good luck to you on this cycle.

House of Duffy said...

I haven't done it personally, but have several friends that do. None of them complained about the needles and said it was just a generally relaxing experience. Maybe try it once and see what you think? Just go in with an open mind... :)

Michele said...

I've done acupuncture, but not for IVF, just for fertility in general. I can see how someone could find it relaxing, but I don't, I just lay there and stare at the ceiling and wait for it to be over. Maybe if I had something to meditate to at the time it would have been better. Plus the ones she put in my hands stung (but not any other, even the ones on my face were fine). I think you have to do it with the mindset that it is helping you to conceive, sort of placebo effect, but with actual proven results.

I'm with you on the fresh cycle though, I don't know the exact costs, but it would seem like a FET is lest costly, so get the more expensive ones paid for by insurance and God forbid you have to do it again, but you'll have frozen embies to use if you are out of pocket on hopefully a slightly cheaper treatment.

TurtleMama said...

Personally, I like massage more than acupuncture. I did acupuncture for all my IUI's and obviously it did not work, but I do think it takes away some of the anxiety. My acupuncturist was 1.5 hr away, so in the end I did not think it was that beneficial because I almost had a wreck every time I went to see him.
However, I am definitely going to do it for my FET at CCRM because it is on-site.
I think there is no harm in trying it to see if it works for you!

Stephanie said...

I can't say it relaxed me, but I am pretty much convinced that's what got me pregnant so I say GO FOR IT!

K and K Wicker said...

I would give it a 9! I loooove it! I am not a fan of needles either. Actually, I have a horrible fear of them that is a borderline phobia. However, in an effort to have my organs and internal engery work in unison, I gave it a whirl for the first time about a year ago. I LOOVVVED IT! Even with over thinking the stick of the very tiny needles you only feel a very small pinch. It's totally doable. The relaxation that I feel from acupuncture is amazing. So amazing that I had paid thousands for this service over the past year and believe in what it has to offer, placebo affect or not. Even so, the mind, once engaged, is a powerful force that can do miraculous things for the body. DO IT!

K and K Wicker said...

Oh, also, both medicated cycles that I did with acupuncture before and after the treatment, I got pregnant. These are the only two times I have ever had BFP's! It certainly can't hurt, only an $80.00 dent in your wallet for a try-out session.