Friday, November 20, 2009


Today I am feeling thankful for the life I am living. I've been blessed in so many ways, and often choose to dwell on the areas where I haven't been blessed just yet. So, in honor of one of my favorite times of year, here is my list of things I'm thankful for today in no particular order.....

A husband who meets me where I am on a daily basis. My range of emotions is huge these days, and he ALWAYS does his best to understand and be there for me.

A spike in my BBT this morning. Just like any good infertile woman, my mood is following suit!

The return of hopeful feelings.

A home that is perfect for just the two of us. I'm glad we went with a smaller house, a bigger home would feel so empty without babies.

Insurance. Better insurance than most people facing this struggle have. Although I hope and pray that we wont need the covered treatments, I am glad to know that it is an option.

My husband's job. He is the provider for our family, which allows me to be at home. It means the world to me that my dream of being home with our kids will be a reality someday.

My faith. There is no way I could face each new day of this battle without the strength that comes from it. It calms my heart. It reminds me to trust and have faith. It reminds that there is a plan for me, one that I am not the author of.

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