Friday, November 13, 2009

I've got nothing.

I’ve been trying for the past hour to write something worth reading, but I just can’t do it. So, instead of forgetting all of the topics in which I was attempting to write, I will just post a list of things that are coming once I can actually have a creative thought….

OPKs- who knew it would be so hard?

Skipping Christmas- I don’t have the guts, but I would LOVE to.

Breaking Point- there has to be one, and I think I am close.

Oddly Therapeutic.

Chocolate Milk is my cure-all.

If you want to make me mad, try this.

If this is thrilling, what will the real thing be like?

Emotionally Exhausted

Ornament Tradition

How much is too much?

Take your advice, and stuff it.

So many great ideas, but as I wrote it all sounded rather boring. It is a rainy cold day; perhaps once I’ve got some chores done I will sit down again and make another attempt at a witty post.

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