Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A good laugh...

As I sat on the futon today with a pounding clomid headache and that nauseated feeling that seems to come just hours after the first dose, I found this funny little list.

You know you are infertile when....
  • You can say words like vagina, semen, cervical mucus without even flinching.
  • Your nurse knows you when you call.
  • You know every acronym that has anything to do with TTC.
  • You can tell the doctor your temperature to a hundredth of a degree.
  • You've stopped thinking of days in terms of actual dates, and have started going by cycle days alone.
  • You refuse to purchase tampons until it is too late.
  • You refuse to go into a hot tub in fear of hard boiling your eggs.
  • Your mood is in direct correlation with the line on your BBT chart.
  • You've said the words "forced marital coitus" to your husband.
  • You've completly filled the "nusrery" with other things in hopes of moving them out soon.
  • You plan family visits and events around ovulation.
  • You have zero time for complaining mothers or pregnant women.
Check, check and check. It is my life right now, I might as well laugh about it.

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