Wednesday, November 18, 2009


My heart flutters, my breathing seems off and a huge smile washes over my face...
It is positive.
It is two pink lines.
It is thrilling.
It is an ovulation test.
Maybe it's because it is a sight that I long to see (on a HPT), or maybe it's because it is an indication that my lady parts are indeed functioning properly or better yet perhaps it is because I absolutely hate to fail and when it comes to getting pregnant, the only test I can pass is an OPK. I don't think I can portray the excitement any better than Carla Tate does in this clip (please excuse the poor quality it is the only one I could find.)
The joy is so raw, uninhibited. Most of the time I feel a little more like Daniel, but on the day I see that positive result, I feel like Carla in her swan costume... accomplished!
If this is thrilling, what will the real thing be like?

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