Saturday, November 2, 2013

Tricks my kids do.... part one

Recently the boys were playing in the living room while I finished cleaning up our breakfast dishes. I was just one room over and listened as they giggled at each other and banged on the sliding glass door wishing it was warm enough and dry enough to go outside. After not too long, A was no longer joyfully squealing, but kind of whimpering/whining. When I came around the corner I was surprised (to say the least) to see only half of my child.

Directly in front of our slider (who's idea was that... perfect way to lose ALL of our heat!) we have a heating/cooling vent. A had removed the cover and went ahead and jumped in. I was amused/ and slightly worried he might be stuck at first, but once I got him out more panic set it.

What if that duct work didn't hold his little body and he fell into the crawlspace. HOLY CRAP that freaked me out, Especially because we just bought the boys a bookshelf for their closet that sits directly on top of the crawlspace access... it would not have been a quick save of my baby!

Stay tuned for more 'tricks' ... and just for fair warning it is almost always A who is preforming tricks around here. If he makes it to this second birthday without an urgent trip to the doctor I will be AMAZED!

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Kelli said...

yikes!!! glad A was okay...!!