Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Metformin... the saga continues.

So, I had an appointment with my OB the other day for just the usual annual exam. We got to talking about birth control, future pregnancies and the likelihood of us getting pregnant with out medical intervention. Then came PCOS and metformin.

The back story is my PCP prescribed met.formin a few months ago and I've been horrible about taking it. When the fiasco happened with her a few weeks ago, I decided to not start taking it again and talk with my OB about it. I figured it was a bit more of his area of expertise than hers.

So we talked at length about PCOS, metformin and birth control. Since I am not really insulin resistant, and am on birth control he said it really wasn't necessary for me to be taking it. He agreed that it could potentially help me lose a little weight, but he said it likely wouldn't  be anymore than I'd lose if I just watched my diet.

He was insistent that if/when I go off birth control I will need it again. It will help my body stay hormonally balanced, or at least closer. Going off birth control... that is a post for another day-- maybe tomorrow!

So for the time being, I am back off met.formin. And my stomach thanks me!


Michele said...

I've never been good about taking daily medications which is why I used the Nuva ring for birth control. I never had an issue taking my synthroid though. It is the last thing I do before bed each night and seems to be easier that way than first thing in the morning. I was religious about it when TTC. However, with my sleep schedule all wonky with a newborn, I have been forgetting to take it. This is really dumb of me because it definitely contributed to my early weightloss!

I'm glad you get to drop it though if it is not needed and has bad side effects for you too.

Aspgriswold said...

ugh! I've heard that metformin is just awful. Glad that you are able to take a break from it for awhile.