Monday, November 25, 2013

Packing up

It is holiday travel season, and traveling with kids is HARD work! While hard, it is totally doable with a little extra preparing. For us, making a list is key, and thinking of each part of our day while we are away is a big deal. I find that if we can keep up with our routine as much as possible it makes our days and more importantly nights, easier. Not to mention the transition back home again. So, here is a bit of our list for our boys at 15m.

  • Pack-n-play -- the place we are staying already has one crib for the other boy.
  • Lovies and lollies-- don't cross my babies at bedtime.
  • A portable highchair-- both homes we will be eating meals in has either one or two high chairs so our portable will supplement.
  • TOYS! One home has an insane amount of toys, the other has just a few, so we will take a good sized basket of favorites with us.
  • Food. We'll pick this up when we arrive, but it is so important to have things the boys will eat. When you're away from home, so much is already different, food can be one thing that stays consistent.
  • Obviously clothing and shoes.
  • Medications and a thermometer. Nothing is worse than thinking your kid feels hot when you're out of town and having to run to Walgreens in the middle of the night!
  • Any and all of the things that help your kiddo sleep. For us that means music and the firm little pillow H uses at night.
Most importantly take your camera or phone and snap some pictures of family and friends loving on your babies!

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