Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tiny Taste Test...

Well, I bit the bullet and gave the boys peanut butter yesterday at lunchtime. I held my breath, took a few pictures and watched for awhile hoping nobody would stop breathing or anything crazy. I am SO hopeful it can be something new to add to the lunch list-- something with protien to boot!

I only gave each of them two small squares of toast with peanut butter, and all seemed well. Unfortunately, A had a diaper rash by bedtime, which is really unlike him unless he eats something that bothers him, like squash when he was much younger. I'm going to skip PB today and see if we can get the minor rash cleared up. Then, we'll try again before going to the doctor for their fifteen month visit tomorrow afternoon.

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Stephanie said...

Maybe I missed it, but what happened with the PB?

We gave it to C at 12 months and were super anxious as hubs has a raw peanut allergy. Like throat closes up needs an Epipen or ER visit. But he can eat PB or cooked nuts in foods and candy bars and food cooked in peanut oil. Its bizarre.

Our ped suggested putting PB on an area of the skin first to see if there was a reaction. He said if a child has a PB allergy it would cause a skin reaction so you can safely test it out that way too.

Luckily C didn't have any issues and PBJ is his main lunch staple these days!