Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Quick weekend recap...

The weekend... it was great. I needed to get out of town and the trip ended up being more than I could have asked for. I spent time with friends, some time relaxing and a lot of time just quietly reflecting on everything that has happened in the last few months.

My good friend gave me a little token to remember our first little babe. Since we would have been due in April she gave me a clear bead for my necklace, which goes perfectly with my 'I can do hard things' charm. Love it!

As I already shared, we spent a day at the beach. After getting over the fact that there are some hard memories in that place, I had a really great time. There is just something about sitting watching the waves roll in that just calms me. It was exactly what I needed.

On Sunday I met up with my parents and went to church at the church I grew up in. The final hymn that we sang was one I don't ever remember singing in the past. While I wasn't a huge fan of the tune- the lyrics could not have been a more perfect ending to my weekend.

Lord Jesus, You Shall Be My Song

Lord Jesus, you shall be my song as I journey. I’ll tell all my brothers about you wherever I go. For our life and our peace and our love is Yourself. Lord Jesus, you shall be my song as I Journey.

Lord Jesus, you shall be my praise, as I Journey. May all of my Joys be a faithful reflection of You. May the earth and the sea and the sky Join my song. Lord Jesus, you shall be my praise, as I Journey.

As long as I live, Jesus, Make me your servant, To carry your cross and to share all your burdens and tears. For you saved me by giving your body and blood. As long as I live, Jesus, Make me your servant.

I fear in the dark and the doubt of my Journey. But courage will come with the sound of your steps by my side, And with all of my brothers you’ve saved by your love, We’ll sing to your dawn at the end of our Journey.


AnneR said...

Thank you for your encouraging comment, I really appreciate it. I'm catching up on your backstory and I've also had a miscarriage. Definitely hope this next cycle is the one for you. It's kind of exciting as it all begins with the bcps and then ramps up to all the shots and US. Again, thank you for the support!

AnneR @ The Wonderful Thing (it's a dual life I lead)

Michele said...

It sounds like all-in-all it was a weekend that you needed. I'm glad you were able to go back.