Friday, September 16, 2011

Because you're waiting....

I'm posting from my phone, so please pardon my auto correct misfortune :)

I know you all are sitting around pushing refresh over and over waiting to hear how the rendezvous with the wand went, who am I kidding, I'm really the only one who cares!!!!

Buuuuuut, just in case you do care, it all looked totally normal in there. My ovaries have shrunk back down to a normal size, there are no cysts, the largest follie measures 6.5mm, and my lining is 6mm. All totally normal.

So, what does this mean? Prov.era! Rad, I can hardly wait! If I weren't writing this post on my phone I'd direct you to a comical little post about my misadventures with this kind of drug in the past. The bright side is that I'm only taking it for 7 days instead of the previous 12. Oh well, at least I can count on the best sleep if my life for the next week!

Oh, did I forget to mention that before I start taking this little gem I am supposed to first take a HPT? I laughed at the nurse practitioner when that came out if her mouth, but I will comply fully expecting a single line and a lot of white space!

This all means today's trip to tar.get ended with drugs to start my period, a package of birth control pills and a box of pregnancy tests.... Talk about a walking contradiction!!!!! BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop


Tiffany said...

You should have added a bottle of wine, vasaline and condoms...just to really make the cashier go wtf??? lol Hang in there!!

JM said...

I've always rolled my eyes at the HPT-before-provera rule. Like, really? Oy.

Good luck, uh, sleeping :)

womb for improvement said...

Ahh yes, the useless pregnancy test. Got to love it.

House of Duffy said...

I fired a doctor once for making me take a pregnancy test before putting me on new asthma meds. I was on day 3 of my miscarriage. Idiot.

Glad you are moving on to the next step! Thinking of you!