Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Little More Insight...

Yesterday I talked a little about our appointment, but after reading over that post again I realized that I didn't share one other point, and more than anything else, I want to remember -- so onto the blog it goes!

When we looked at the number of eggs retrieved compared to the number that were mature compared to the number that fertilized compared to the number that made it to transfer/freeze there were some questions. It wasn't particularly "normal."

13 eggs were retrieved
8 eggs were mature (62%)
4 eggs fertilized (50%)
4 eggs became embryos and made it to day 5 and 6 (100%)

This isn't exactly typical, at least at my clinic. Our doctor explained that it is possible the reason I may not have been getting pregnant all along may have had something to do with my eggs. Obviously we knew with my PCOS maturing follicles would/could be an issue. It does make me wonder if we ever had truly mature and viable eggs releasing during our IUI cycles, but that is over and done with-- no regrets. The good news is, once they identified the good eggs they did make great little embryos!!!

This question of my egg quality was another deciding factor in choosing another fresh cycle. We know that right now my eggs are capable of making good embryos. If we had chosen to do a FET and gotten pregnant, there would be a little urgency for baby 2/3. With the path we've chosen, we are able to keep our two great little frozen embryos for (hopefully) a few years from now when we're ready for baby 2/3- knowing that if indeed my egg quality is going downhill, we still have hope in those two frozen embryos- plus any embryos that make it to freeze from this cycle. I can't even begin to tell you how much this puts my heart at ease.


Sarra said...

So glad you got some clarification from the doctor on what is going on. You sound very positive about the next step and that gives me so much hope that I can weather whatever happens to us in our first cycle. You are an inspiration!

Sybil said...

I know how you feel about questioning the quality. I mostly question if there is actually an egg there at all....I dont' regret any of the IUI's we did but I do wonder if any eggs were ever released. There is really no way to tell on u/s if the follicle contains an egg or not and that makes me so nervous. Hopefully this next time you will get lots more embryos!

JM said...

Thanks for the clarification on the last post. Makes sense!

I am so happy with your decision to do the second full cycle- in addition to getting (hopefully) more healthy embies on ice, I have to imagine it'll be easier to do an FET cycle while already parenting than a full IVF.

K and K Wicker said...

Have you ever had your AMH tested? This is an awesome test to use in conjuction with antral follicle counts on baselines to assess egg reserve and to further confirm PCOS, which just offers one more peice of the puzzle to make a more complete picture.