Tuesday, September 20, 2011


“You can often change your circumstances by changing your attitude” 

 Eleanor Roosevelt
This is one of those that I KNOW to be true, but feel free to remind me of it from time to time :)

Sooo, I'm 4 days into 7 days of prov.era and so far so good. So far, I've only had one night of comical sleep talking which included apples, spurs, pony hair and a white cord. Never a dull moment in the bedroom of an infertile..... Bahahah!!


Joys Truly said...

I love this quote because it is so true. I really think my last cycle did not work because I was not feeling a positive attitude to begin with. I thought it was bad timing and I kept thinking about what I was giving up instead of what I could be getting back. Which is why a break is required to get my head fully in the game.

Glad everything is so far so good and I am loving that at least your crazy dreams are bringing some humor to all of this.

E and R said...

Too funny! My husband often tells me in the morning things that "we" talked about last night - things I have absolutely no idea about - and they never make sense! Glad you are almost done with the Prov.era!

Michele said...

Oh man, I hope I don't have to do those drugs that induce those side effects, I already talk and walk in my sleep.

amy said...

I believe our attitudes have everything to do with our circumstances...loving this quote! Glad things are going well :)

Sarra said...

You sound so happy and I love to hear it! You're such an inspiration to me! Glad to hear the prov. is treating you okay this time around. Let's get this party started already! Hehe.

Michelle said...

Thanks for your encouragement! I love that quote. That is my goal to have a good attitude through it all! Good luck with everything!