Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ten days in...

I had yet another ultrasound, this time with the final doctor in the practice that I had yet to see. He's a fairly well known doctor when it comes to IVF, and I was glad to have someone who has seen plenty cases tell me it was time to TRIGGER!

My follies grew significantly (which did not go unnoticed by me!) and it looks like several are very ready and there are multiple that will get their final nudge with the vial of menopur I took this morning, tonight's follistim dose and the 10,000 units of HCG that will be swimming around in there later this evening. All of this means we're scheduled for a Tuesday morning retrieval! Yahoo!

I am so ready!

Lining- >10mm triple stripe
Right side- 9 or 10 contenders + 3 smaller (largest 19mm)
Left side- 5 or 6 contenders + 5 smaller (largest 20mm)
E2- 2549, a much healthier number than this stage last time-- thank goodness!

Final follistim, lupron and dexamethasone doses.
6pm- 100iu Follistim
8pm- 5iu Lupron
9pm- Dexamethasone
9:30pm- 10,000units of HCG

Three more injections!!!


Janet said...

Yeah for tigger time!!!

Miss Mac said...

woo hoo! 3 more, you can do it! wishing you all the best!

E and R said...


Anonymous said...

So SO happy things are going well for you!!!! Thinking about you...

Stephanie said...

You're almost there! Grow little follies!

Jessica said...

YAY!!! I am so excited for you! Your numbers are great!
Oh and I am loving the socks! Thinking of you

K and K Wicker said...

Your numbers look very similar to mine! :) Awesome!! How exciting! I'm really sorry to hear about your discomfort though. I can't wait to hear about your success and Christmas Bean!