Friday, December 2, 2011

Stim day 8...

Another day, another ultrasound. When my doctor walked into the exam room this morning she asked how I felt, my response was something about a bag of marbles in my abdomen. It's true. It just feels kind of heavy in there, but I also know that the worst is still ahead, so I'm trying to savor the moment.

This morning we saw 9 follies on righty and 5 or 6 good follies on lefty. The average size right now is between 13-14mm, with the largest follies measuring right around 15. My lining is nice and cozy at 10.4mm. E2 came back today at 1437- that is a little more than doubling in 48 hours. Tonight I'll stay at 100iu of follistim, and tomorrow night I'll decrease to 75iu.

She still thinks we'll trigger Sunday or Monday making our retrieval Tuesday or Wednesday morning.

Until then, we press on. I'm back for another ultrasound and blood draw bright and early Sunday morning- this time with the only physician in the practice that I haven't seen in my 15 months with this clinic. In the meantime I'll keep watching Private Practice... I'm about 1/2 way though season two. 


Ashley said...

Glad things are progressing nicely!! Don't watch this season!!!

JM said...

Nice socks, chica! It's funny, I *thought* I was uncomfortable on stim days 5 and 7. Now, on stim day 10? Yeah, definitely uncomfortable. I'll have the pregnancy waddle mastered before I'm even pregnant! Though I guess technically I'm almost two weeks along, right???

So glad you're stimming well! Sounds like size-wise and e2 have you right on track!

Anonymous said...

things look they are going great!!!! I have to say....wait a few days and those marbles are going be be a bit more like oranges!