Friday, October 7, 2011


So, you might remember over a year ago I went to see my primary care doctor to get a referral to my current RE. Well, that referral is only good for a year, and unfortunately I didn't remember that it would expire. Seriously, I never imagined we would still be trying to get pregnant an entire year later. Long story short, my referral expired in August. I've since had a couple of ultrasounds and some blood work run at my RE's office- this could have all been covered if I would have remembered that I needed to get a new referral- unfortunately now it is most likely going to be paid out of pocket.

I am so stinking mad at myself. When I called my PCP's office to get another referral I spoke with my favorite nurse who also happens to be dealing with infertility and asked her if it was possible to back date the new referral. She is going to attempt it, but we aren't sure if it will work. I'm not so angry that we have to pay for it, because in the scheme of things we really are getting off pretty inexpensively for infertility patients. It is just the fact that it could have all been covered that is killing me. Thank goodness for FSA's I guess.

This news came shortly after I opened an email with our deposit information... gasp. I nearly lost my lunch until I realized our insurance pre-auth hadn't come through yet.

Why does infertility have to be so expensive.... and exhausting?!?!?

Let this be a lesson to all of you.... KNOW WHEN YOUR REFERRAL EXPIRES!!!!!!


House of Duffy said...

Check this one out. I just found out this week that my company will pay $75,000 for gender reassignment surgery + $10,000 for travel and lodging to get the surgery.

How much do they pay for infertility?? $0.

Sarra said...

Oh man, that sucks! Thank goodness you caught it when you did. Hope the nurse can back-date it or you can get it worked out one way or another. I mean, why is it only good for a year anyway?? If you aren't pregnant yet, it should be automatic. What a pain!

E and R said...

What a pain! Hope you get it resolved quickly.