Thursday, October 27, 2011

A little of this, and a little of that...

I started birth control on Wednesday and I'm already counting down the days until it is over... 22.

In reference to yesterdays post- Don't get me wrong, I do think her comments were well meaning. And I can understand wanting to make a connection with people, especially when they are hurting. It all was just a lot too soon, and not at all in a sensitive manner. But, that is kind of the way she is... words coming out with zero thought.

I scheduled my suppression check and it just so happens my doctor is going to be out that day. However I was able to get an appointment with my second favorite doctor. I'm just hoping my favorite nurse will be in (its the day before Thanksgiving) to draw some targets on my rear, because I don't drop my pants for just anyone. Who am I kidding, I totally do. Ahhhhh, infertility. 

I FINALLY made an appointment with the OBGYN we hope to use for prenatal care once I finally get/stay pregnant. I had previously been seeing a NP at a women's care clinic about twenty-five minutes away. We now live less than a mile from a great (but small) hospital, and assume we will deliver there provided it is a normal (read: not multiple or otherwise high risk) pregnancy. The doctor we are seeing has rights at this small hospital as well as the large university hospital near by. I do really hate seeing new doctors though. I hope I like her, because I'd hate to do this all over again! 

I've made it to the weight that my doctor wanted me to be prior to this next round of IVF. It was in no way a stipulation on treatment, more a suggestion, but I'm glad I'm there. This also makes me about 2lbs. away from a VERY large goal that I NEVER thought I'd reach. 

Speaking of weightloss, and I know I've said this before, I'm running out of things to wear. Yesterday, I pulled out the smallest pair of jeans I own. They are from college and haven't fit in literally years, but they are the kind of jeans that have A LOT of good memories, so I've kept them. Well, they totally fit. However, why did I ever think low rise (like ultra low rise) jeans were comfortable? And that wash... wow.

I'm starting to think I have forgotten a little about our last IVF cycle. You know how mothers always say you forget the pain of childbirth over time? I think I've done the same with IVF to a certain extent. I know with everything that I am, that it is worth it- so whatever it takes, I'm all in. Except for one thing. There is one piece that I've not forgotten, and I could certainly do without. It starts with a G and ends with atorade. I've already started stocking up when I've seen it on sale and I have a nice assortment of flavors (I learned that the hard way last time!)  I'm already dreading the countless bottles I will consume. Buuuuuut, it is far better than the alternative (OHSS and a freeze-all situation) so I'll comply. 

And with that... its time for my birth control pill.... 21 more :) 


Sarra Cannon said...

Yay, only 21 more! The countdown is definitely on now. I have a feeling you are going to get a very good Christmas present this year!

TeamBabyCEO said...

I'm late to the party, but what your SIL said is a bit much. Yes. "I'm sorry". and only that, goes a long way. Sorry your husband had to take that, but what a guy!

I'm started on the Gatorade-my favorite is blue, but somehow yellow seems "healthier".

Thanks for visiting my blog :)

JM said...

Sooooo.... I start the BCP tomorrow.... and have my suppression check either the tues or wed of Thanksgiving week! Looks like we'll be cycling together!!! God knows I'll need you to help keep me sane... hopefully I can do the same for you! I'll need your tips on how to get through this as painlessly as possible.

Congrats on the weight loss! That really is absolutely fantastic!

E and R said...

Hope your appointment with the new dr goes well and that you like her - I agree, seeing a new dr is never fun, particularly if you have to go over the whole story all over again.
And, a big CONGRATULATIONS on the weight loss!