Sunday, June 12, 2011

IVF 101

Thursday night we had the first of two IVF classes. It was about two hours of information about everything that is about to happen. The director of nursing and another nurse led the class and were joined later by the embryologist. Although we already knew the majority of the information that was presented, it was nice to hear it all again and kind of put it all together. The portion that the embryologist presented was pretty interesting, and we were able to watch a video of her preforming ICSI, which was pretty amazing.

There was only one brief moment of panic during the class. The nurse was going over the medications and said lupron needs to be stored in the refrigerator. I had picked up my drugs on Monday afternoon, and it was now Thursday evening... my leuprolide was NOT in the fridge. Uh-oh! Thankfully I buy my drugs from a local pharmacy and the pharmacist that I had just seen a couple hours earlier for longer menopur needles was at the class to answer questions and I was able to ask him refrigerating the leuprolide on a break. He assured me that it was likely fine, and told me to just check the vial for the refrigerate sticker when I got home. Thankfully everything is fine, and I don't need to buy a new vial!
The staff at our clinic is hilarious, it was nice to be able to laugh a little even though the topic was pretty heavy. Highlights included talk of being able to get pregnant even if there is only one twitching sperm in the corner and while talking about embryos not "falling out" describing the uterus and lining as a baguette spread with cream cheese.... seriously, is it necessary to ruin more food for me? I already have the hardest time eating eggs these days (EWCM). Cottage cheese was also mentioned, but you all probably have some idea what that one was in reference to. Needless to say, the tub that I have in my fridge will be finding its way to my garbage can this week... ICK! Overall, I'm glad we went. Next up is an injection class. Though I'm fully capable of a sub-q injection it will be good for hubs to practice IM injections.... hopefully not on my tush!

After looking over our new calendar I've realized that this week is my final "free" week. The last week that is completely free of appointments until sometime in late July.... what to do, what to do!?!?!? Perhaps we will go away for a quick weekend before the injections begin. But until then, I am pretty sure I will be cleaning and organizing up a storm. Something about a nice clean organized house just makes me feel so calm and stress free :)

PS... I've had two dreams about the egg retrieval since Thursday- I'll share the whole story later this week. For now all I'm going to tell you is it has to do with kittens, pink flannel and my Bulgarian math professor from college. Wowsers. Ridiculousness.

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Michele said...

I think that I can typically keep food and these things separate but occasionally others' stories comparing the two make me think twice about eating some things.

I'm now glad I didn't care for cottage cheese in the first place.

Glad things are moving forward for you, enjoy your free week!!!