Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Here We Go....

I've swallowed the first of many pills... 1 birth control pill down, 16 to go! Even though I know why I am taking birth control and can totally understand why it needs to be done, I feel so naughty taking something to prevent a pregnancy when the thing I want most in life right now is a pregnancy. Oh well, nothing about infertility really makes sense, I guess this is really no different!

Yesterday I sat down with all of the paperwork on the drugs that I'm taking and made sure they were all what I needed, made sure I knew when to take them and how to take them correctly. I realized that in addition to the thyroid medication and metformin (3x per day) that I already take I will at one point be taking 14 pills/injections/suppositories per day... I'm pretty sure this is going to call for a spreadsheet. I'm fairly sure my cell phone will be vibrating constantly reminding me to take something.

I am SO thankful that I don't have to work and will be able to be constantly at my pill box. Not to mention the side effects from these drugs- I don't know how you all manage to work full time and do IVF all at the same time. It feels like a full time job between appointments, constant medication consumption and trying to be stress-free and relatively relaxed about the process.

I love that I am not really feeling any apprehension about this cycle. We did six IUIs for one reason, I wasn't ready to step into IVF. After about IUI #3 we were pretty sure we'd be eventually moving on to IVF, but I just wasn't ready. Although I feel like we wasted some time, I do feel like it was a great choice us.

Another tiny step toward our baby/ies!!!!!


E and R said...

So excited for you! 14 is crazy!! I have to separate out my daily pills/suppositories now and its only 6-7 per day! Spreadsheet indeed =) It will definitely be worth it!

Stephanie said...

Wow, 14 pills!? I agree that when I first started on this journey, hearing about taking birth control pills sounded odd. But I just know these steps will lead you to your baby!!!

Michele said...

That definitely calls for some type of spreadsheet, maybe an app for your phone?

Everything about infertility is about waiting and wasting time. But we all take our own path to get to a baby and if it means 6 IUIs, then so be it.

Baby Hopes said...

You're on your way!!! WooHoo!!! PS: I learned from my thyroid specialist as well as my RE three very important things about thyroid meds while going through IVF:

1. Your thyroid pill needs to be taken two hours before you eat anything or take any medication (I always would set an alarm super early and take it).

2. If you are on any form of estrace or estrogen support, it is probably a good idea to up your dosage by 50% since any form of estrogen interferes with the thyroid meds.

3. During pregnancy, your thyroid dosage will probably need to be upped by 50% and tested more frequently.

Wishing you the very best of luck!!!

L said...

How exciting! Wow, 14 pills is a lot. I think you're right that having a spreadsheet will help you keep track of everything. Good luck!