Monday, June 13, 2011


After information overload at our IVF class last week we went to dinner, laughed about some comical parts of the class and then came home and snuggled into bed. Snuggled in for some of the most absurd dreams yet. I've shared some of my crazy dreams with you all before, and I'm pretty sure the ultrasound in Target still wins for ridiculousness, but this one is pretty great too.

So, to set the scene a little let me first take you back to the very first course I took in college. It was a math class for educators and my teacher happened to become one of my favorites, even if it was impossible to understand half of what she said through her Bulgarian accent. She was thin, dark haired and pregnant, all three characteristics of my current RE (well, she isn't pregnant anymore).

So in my dream I arrive at the clinic for my retrieval. I wasn't nervous at all, but was very tired and was wearing yoga pants and a T-shirt. I remember climbing onto a bed in the procedure room (fully clothed!) and then hearing a woman who looked like my doctor, but sounded just like my Bulgarian math professor talking on the phone. There were also two nurses in the room sitting in the corner chit chatting. I still had not had any medication, the IV had been placed, but wasn't current hooked up to anything. The bed was set at an odd angle and I kept falling off of it, and just barely being able to climb back onto the table because I was so tired. Every time it happened no one seemed alarmed and they would just would tell we I wasn't allowed to eat, drink or go to the bathroom so I might as well just try to sleep until they were ready.

After several falls I finally just curled up on the floor and went to sleep. When I woke up, my doctor was there and said that they were done and told me the egg count. I was still curled up in a ball laying on the floor of the procedure room completely clothed. I asked how that was possible from the position and the obvious obstacle of my clothing, and she replied that while it was a difficult angle, she made it work.

However, the kicker to the whole story (as weird as it has already been) is the fact that she preformed my ER while wearing flannel pajamas. Pink flannel pajamas. Pink flannel pajamas with kittens and balls of yarn on them.

Welcome to my dreamland! I can't wait to see what I muster up while I'm under sedation. I'm just praying I don't talk in my sleep :)


Kelli said...

haha oh my.....gotta love the flannel pants. Dreams can be so bizarre!!

E and R said...

Love it! I know I talk in my sleep - my husband has told me some of the strange things I have said, thankfully they never really make sense so he has no idea the strange dreams I have!!

Baby Hopes said...

Hahahahaha!!! Thanks for sharing!