Friday, October 8, 2010

And again...

Remember last November when I found out a friend of mine was struggling to get pregnant, and in hopes of calming her nerves about what seemed like an uphill battle I told her our story? If you do, you probably also remember that she called me exactly five days later and dropped the bomb.

You may also remember that over the summer another friend of mine confided in me about her infertility. I, much like the first, told her our story and found great peace in having someone to talk to about this journey. We spent many hours over the past four months talking about our feelings and about all things infertility.

Yesterday she told me that she is 6 weeks pregnant.

I am absolutely shocked and deep down I am really happy for her. I am at a place where I can truly comprehend that someone else being pregnant really has nothing to do with me. I am (thankfully) in a really good place right now. I am hopeful again and really happy with our fertility treatments so far. I know that there is a plan for me, and I feel like I am on the right track.

In an effort to keep it real though, her pregnancy does make infertility feel a little more lonely again. That's OK though, I'm not planning to stick around in the world of IF much longer myself :)


Bobbi said...

I like your attitude! I like that you're in a better place where you can accept somebody else's pregnancy announcement graciously and happily. I'm still working on that. ;) But, you're right, you're not going to be in this IF world that much longer. And pretty soon, you'll be able to announce to the WORLD that you are pregnant!

Kim said...

You have the right attitude, and that is everything!! It still stings, but whenit's all said and done, deep down inside you are happy for her and that's all the matters. May this be your cycle!