Friday, October 29, 2010

A little more insight...

Thursday we found out the results of the hub's sperm function test. It was via voicemail so we didn't get to ask any questions, but we did find out that the motility was lower than what they would like to see, at 33%. The good news is our doctor is still suggesting that we go ahead with our treatment as planned, a second IUI next week.

I have a follie scan on Monday, so I will check with her at that appointment about what these results mean in terms of success rates for us. I was worried at first, and after a quick check in with Dr. Google I was left feeling even more anxious, but I've since decided that if the news was as bad as I was making it in my mind, our doctor would not have suggested keeping with our current plan.

I am so thankful that my husband is much more emotionally reasonable than me. He is a constant reminder that worrying will not help ANYTHING. So instead, I am becoming more educated on motility issues and preparing myself to ask questions, but instead of worrying, I am trusting. We are still very hopeful that IUI could be the answer for us, but without jumping to an conclusions, I am also trying to prepare myself that IVF may become part of our treatment plan in the near future.


Kim said...

The doctors seem to be way less concerned with the mens sperm counts than with our numbers. that's because the egg is a bigger dterming factor in success than sperm. And because you are doing IUI the sperm will be washed and I think that helps eliminate some of the "weak" ones. (not sure, but perhaps?) Anyhow, with the extra boost of an IUI they probably don't need to be as good in counts because they get to bipass a bunch of obstacles they would normally have to survive. I am excited for you and your hubs and can't wait to see what this cycle brings. xoxoxox

Stephanie said...

I second Kim, my hubs has low motility. For instance, yesterday during IUI#3, his sample was 60 some million with 60% motility but after the washing we were left with 42 million at 95% motility. Our RE said we were good, motility post wash was great and so long as we had at least 20 million+ count we shouldn't worry. We'll see what happens during our 2WW! So long as you're washing the sperm to get rid of the slow swimmers and misshaped ones, yall should be good to go! Good luck!!!