Friday, October 1, 2010

I forget so easily...

I hate that I forget so easily that infertility is OUR problem even though all of the "issues" reside in me. I find myself taking control of it all and talking to my poor husband like he has no idea what is going on. He does. He is a very intelligent man and doesn't need to be told the same things over and over. He is my husband, not a child.

I know I'm feeling this way because it is me that is in the doctor's office every week to either have blood drawn or take my clothes off from the waist down, but still, I need to give him a little more credit than I have been. I'm anxious about this cycle. Its our first iui, and while I am so excited and hopeful, I am also painfully anxious.

I guess at this point I can only try harder. I'm just feeling really bad for treating him the way that I have been when he is SO supportive of everything I'm going through. Sometimes its hard to remember that he needs my support, too.

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jrs said...

so true.
thanks for the reminder

hope you and your hubby are doing well.