Monday, June 4, 2012

Moving right along...

Tomorrow I'll be 28 weeks pregnant... Um, did you hear (read) that? I cannot believe we are already here. The boys continue to wiggle, but gone are their super active days. They are just getting to be too big and with two of them in there, they are quickly running out of room to act like wild animals. Though I appreciate being able to fall asleep a little easier at night, I miss it already. I miss never having to go more than a few minutes to feel one of them kick, and subsequently knowing they are doing alright in there. Thankfully they are moving plenty so there is really no cause for worry, sometimes I just have to wait it out which is just ANOTHER lesson in patience. 

We've been working away on our not so little list of things that we wanted to get done before 28 weeks. I'm starting to think I'll be pleased if we get it done by 30 weeks! Just to keep me honest, here is the revised list. Not too much more to do, but I'm sure the list will get some additions before it is actually complete!

  • Sew a blanket for each baby.
  • Sew one more crib skirt.
  • Sew and hang two curtain panels with black-out liner.
  • Sew a couple more changing pad covers.
  • Remove unnecessary items from the nursery (walkers, play saucer, pack & play) and find a home for each.
  • Clean two bouncy seats and a swing that were passed down to us- find a place for them.
  • Finish all baby laundry up-to 3 months. 
  • Get nursery closet organized.
  • Finalize list of things that need to be purchased before their arrival. 
  • Finish wall hangings for over crib and changing table. 
  • Get guest bedroom/office organized for visitors pre-babies and helpers post-babies.
  • Re-arrange master bedroom to accommodate pack & play, rocker and other baby items.

  • With any luck, the nursery will be REALLY done soon and I'll be able to share a picture or two of their first bedroom outside of their mama. It is quickly becoming one of my favorite rooms in the house and I often find myself standing or sitting in there just thinking about who these little boys might be some day. 


    Stephanie said...

    You're doing a great job knocking things off that list!! I love that you are sewing several things for your boys. :)

    MaryMargaret said...

    Your list looks a LOT like mine! It seems like so much to do in only a few weeks. I can't wait to see the nursery!

    Joys Truly said...

    Nice work with the checklist! We just finished preparing our place to put on the market and we are finally done with our list. Still early for me but I plan on starting the baby lists soon. Bummer about less movement. They are still having their own fun in there because they have each other :)

    M said...

    You've accomplished way more than I have...awesome job! I can't wait to see pics of the nursery!!!

    L said...

    You are making great progress on your list! Can't wait to see the nursery, I'm sure it will be adorable :)