Sunday, June 17, 2012

New Doctor

We had our first appointment with the clinic that will deliver our little guys on Thursday. We saw the doctor who will be our primary doctor, but there is always a chance he will not be the doctor who will deliver our babies of course.
It was really nice to finally be at the clinic where we will be until the end. Up until now, we've just kind of been monitored, its been silly to ask much about delivery or the end of this pregnancy because we've known that we would transfer doctors sometime around 28ish weeks and we were all just assuming/hoping that I'd make it past that point.
So,  it was time to start asking some questions.... Just in case you are interested in the answers, here goes-
  • Thoughts on a birthing class? I've read mixed reviews about how useful it really is when it comes to delivering twins because things go significantly different.
    • Long story short, its totally up to us. There are a few benefits, but what I've read is correct- twin deliveries are different and there is about a 40% chance that we will be delivering these boys via c-section. He felt like we were pretty understanding of what is ahead of us and said we probably would be just fine without the class. Hooray- that means one less booked up weekend in July :)
  • Likelihood of a C-section? 
    • Its fairly likely, like I said above, about a 40% chance. Especially if Baby B doesn't flip in the next few weeks. There is the choice to deliver Baby A vaginally and then we can see what Baby B does once he has a little more room. However, that could involve reaching in and turning baby B (uh, no thank you) or having a vaginal delivery AND a c-section which my doctor refers to as the a 'full birthing experience or the full meal deal' to be fair, in his 25 years he has only had to go that route twice. 
  • If there are no other complications, is there a point I will be scheduled for delivery?
    • The date isn't set in stone. It is totally dependent on how the boys are doing, what the placentas are doing (or not doing) and how my body is tolerating carrying two babies late in the pregnancy. He did said most women are DONE by about 38 weeks which I think is fair and likely totally true. If you're paying attention, that means I will be having my babies in 8 weeks or less! Holy crap. 
Overall, we were really happy with our doctor! We have another appointment June 26th with him and then we'll see his partner on July 12th in addition to an ultrasound. We've never had to go more than 5 weeks without seeing our boys, and this time it will have been six. I'm ok with it though, feeling them move constantly and knowing this pregnancy has gone so well so far makes me feel pretty confident that things are going well in there.

In other news, it appears my official due date (that means absolutely nothing) is one day earlier than we were originally told. All this changes is that my weekly updates are now switching to Mondays. So, I'll be back tomorrow with an update!


Kate said...

Congrats on making it so far!
I've seen quite a lot of twin deliveries, and I don't understand why the old fogey OBs don't do them at my hospital. I think they might make more money for the C/S. At any rate, as long as twin A is head down and twin B isn't significantly larger, I think many OBs feel comfortable delivering twin A (under epidural, so that you can quickly top up for a C/S if necessary for twin B) and then either seeing if twin B turns head down, or else doing a breech extraction (reach in, grab twin B's feet, and pull him out). I'd certainly feel comfortable trying for a vaginal delivery if I were to have twins myself...
Good luck with the next few weeks of pregnancy!

Anonymous said...

I was a lucky one that experienced the "full meal deal". Regardless you will get thru it :) Good luck!