Tuesday, June 26, 2012

31w1d appointment

I saw my doctor this afternoon, and as usual (surprising as it is to me every single time) all three of us are doing great. All the usual things were checked and fine-- urine, blood pressure, weight gain, doppler. My blood pressure was elevated slightly from my last appointment, but he said it wasn't any cause for concern just yet.

It looks like we will have an ultrasound & appointment at about 33.5 weeks and then we will be seen weekly from there on out. CRAZY! My doctor said everything is looking perfect and though he hopes these babies continue to grow for several more weeks, I am just DAYS away from the big goal of 32 weeks!

The boys have been moving a lot in the last few days and I am dying to know what positions those little stinkers have gotten themselves into. Every night when I go to bed I can feel little bums, knees and elbows sticking out of my belly in every direction. Though we have no idea what each bump actually is, it is fun to feel each of their little lumps!

In other news my belly button is changing and freaking me out. Last night I decided that I would lay down on the living room floor in an attempt to pop my back, as soon as I got down on the hard surface I ran my hand over my bare belly and the bottom of my belly button had popped out- freaked.me.out! It happened a couple more times last night when I was getting up from the laying position. I have a feeling it is going to really pop out in the next few weeks. I've kind of expected it to happen, but it just feels so weird- I can't get used to it!
31 weeks- with an odd little point right where Baby B likes to hang out!


Kelli said...

Yay!! Glad things are going well!! I loved feeling my sister's babes move around so I can only imagine how much love you must be feeling!! Hugs!!!

Stephanie said...

Aww I love your belly! You look wonderful and I'm so glad to hear all three of you are doing well. Weekly appointments just around the corner...crazy!

Anonymous said...

Yay for 31 weeks! Just plowing through all those milestones! I know your babies will be just fine and healthy when they come.
Also, too funny the little baby B bump!

E and R said...

You look so cute! I wish I was still there so I could see you in person :(
I am glad things are going well and you are so close to the goal of 32 weeks!!

Sara McLaughlin said...

I can't see the picture since I work for "THE MAN" and they block silly things like that... but I bet you're adorable! I'm getting more and more excited for you!!

Emily @ablanket2keep said...

Your belly is beautiful! So glad everything is going well. You are getting so close and I'm getting so excited!