Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Stim Day 6...

Those are nice, huh? They even go all the way up to the knee!

Six days in, and it is time for another ultrasound and more blood work.

Today we saw 10 on the right side, 11mm being the largest. On the left there were 11 (only 6 that will likely be mature at ER) and 12.5mm was the largest. My lining is nice and thick at 9.5mm, it was only 7.5 at this stage last time! I'll go back on Friday for another ultrasound and more blood work.

There was a little comedy in the ultrasound room this morning. When my doctor came into the room to do the ultrasound she grabbed the ultrasound gel to prep the wand and sprayed it all over herself. We all laughed and she likened her situation to the one portrayed in 'Something about Mary'... hilarious. We all laughed and agreed that ultrasound gel would be better than the alternative. Next, I nearly kicked her in the face while assuming the position and she called herself a few names. This is why I love my doctor- we are totally on the same wave length. She is the perfect mix of serious and comical.

Hubs has been concerned about the placement of the circles for my IM men.opur injections. I asked about it today, and it was decided that while it was probably fine, we'd let him win this one and move them down just a tad. So, in case you're wondering, I have all kinds of sharpie marks on my back/rear right now.

Depending on my E2 level, we'll see where my follistim dose goes. I'm not even pretending to know what they'll do with it at this point! If I had to guess I'd think if it isn't decreased today, it will be on Friday. ** E2 came back at 700, so we're decreasing the dose to 100iu of Follistim instead of 150.**

I'm still feeling pretty good, tired and more bloated with the day, but overall there isn't too much pain or heaviness just yet. I really wish I liked protein more because I know it would help, for now the Gatorade will have to do!

I watched Biggest Loser this morning... I bet you can guess how that one ended. Really, was it necessary to reunite them with their spouses today? It was nearly more than I could take. 


Michele said...

Can you consume protein in the form of a protein shake rather than meat? If so, I have some recommendations. Send me an e-mail.

Liz said...

Sounds like everything is going great. I'm lucky in that my husband is a physical therapist and knows his "landmarks" so I'm not covered in permanent ink. Doesnt make the IM shots any better though. Love the socks!

Jessica said...

Love Love Love your socks!! Looks like everything is moving right along. Your RE sounds great Im glad you have someone your comfortable with!! Thanks you so much for your support during all of this!

K said...

Love the socks, my RE would comment on mine whenever I went so I made a point of always wearing bright fun socks.

wow - 21 follies - sounds like you are progressing nicely, and the lining sounds excellent!

Anonymous said...

Glad things are going well!!!!
What about a corn/black bean salsa for some extra protein? The good thing is your E2 level isn't really high decreasing the chances for OHSS :)

Stephanie said...

Such cute socks! Love the comedy in the ultrasound room too. I nominated you for an award on my blog!

JM said...

That is so weird that we've got similar things going on in terms of follies (size, count), but your e2 came back at 1/4 what mine was on stim day 6 (2800ish). Also odd? My clinic (and the manufacturer website) suggests menopur as a sub-Q injection. Maybe it burns less the way you're doing it? I'd welcome that!!! This IVF thing is weird.

I'm so glad you've got great growth going on! Thanks for the gatorade suggestion. I've got some electrolyte tablets I've been adding into my water, the kind that you use while running distance and stuff. They're ok. I guess.

I'm eating a hell of a lot of cheese to get in protein, leftover turkey (so tired of it, especially since I'm not used to eating meat!) and these great myoplex shakes (42g protein each, low carbs and sugar). They leave something to be desired, but at least they're packed with protein.

Back in on Friday? G/L!

Tiffany said...

Sounds like your doc is just awesome! Great report on the follies as well!

jill's infertility document said...

I wonder what time you were there on the 29th? i love the thought that we might have crossed paths. I think I walked past your RE on the way back to the secret ER and ET wing.

Things are sounding good on the stim front! Thinking of you.