Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Stim Day 5...

First, thanks to everyone who has given me the Liebster blog award. I am typically pretty crappy at playing along with these awards- and it seems as though pretty much everyone I follow has already received it!

I'm five days in, and boy can I feel it. My energy level is taking a nose dive and my mid-section is in a bit of turmoil. I've been interested in how this cycle matches up to the last, so here are the findings so far....

  • At suppression: More follies present for IVF #1. Ovaries looked less 'PCOS-y' for IVF#2.
  • I started on the same dose of menopur, but DOUBLE the dose of follistim. 
  • In terms of total doses of follistim, I am currently about to days ahead of where I was last time. However, the plan is to work in the opposite direction as we did last time, tapering down instead of up. The hope is more mature eggs than last time. 
  • The calm feeling remains. I'm not overly worried about anything. I have no idea what my E2 level was yesterday, and I am 100% ok with it. 
  • I've started the precautionary OHSS diet earlier this time around. As soon as I felt any bloating I started drinking Gatorade, trying to be better about getting plenty of protein and cut back on the carbs and sugar. So far, it has helped relieve the bloating significantly and hopefully it will keep me in the clear after retrieval. 
  • I weigh about 20 pounds less than I did for IVF#1.
  • The random crying is similar to last time. Most of the time it is somewhat predictable, but sometimes it is 100% random. This morning I was watching a TV show, and though it was touching, it wasn't worthy of tears, so there I sat crying... and laughing at myself for crying. Nothing says irrational like a hormonal woman.
  • Lemonade Gatorade is still my favorite flavor. For now. 
  • Follistim stings A LOT more than it did last time. 
I'm currently setting up Netflix for bed rest.... what should I add??


Lanie said...

Catfish is a good suspense. I loved Water for Elephants when I was on my 2WW. I say lots of Christmas movies! My faves are Love Acutally, Just Friends, and The Holiday. I wanted to watch a lot of comedies on my 2WW, but for somereason, I didn't find anything funny, I just cried constantly. :)

I'm glad you are feeling calm. I think I got the gatorade idea from your blog and omygoodness it helped so much. I was mild OHSS, and felt awful.

Megan said...

Oh, oh, oh! Have you watched The Tudors? ::swoon:: If only Henry VIII was that sexy in real life. It is a dirty pleasure of mine and semi-pornographic at times. ::blushes::

Michele said...

Glee, seasons 1 and 2, it will keep you entertained for days!!! but you have to like show tunes.

Anonymous said...

I am saving up my US weekly mags, kindle, and a list of movies ready to watch. Hoping for great things for this cycle for us each!

JM said...

1. That's so funny- so far I've had two bouts of uncontrollable tears, then laughing at my crying, then being unable to stop crying but laughing at myself all at the same time. Ridiculous.
2. For me, the follistim aches, the menopur burns, and the ganirelix itches. Annoying. My stomach looks like a connect-the-dots.
3. Friday Night Lights, Big Love, Mad Men.... hmmm.... not sure what else, but those should get you through at least a few days!
4. GO YOU on that weight loss endeavor!!!!