Sunday, July 10, 2011

Stim Day 9...updated

Just a quick update before I find a mostly shady spot in my backyard to relax in my favorite lounge chair for the afternoon! Luckily for my husband, he already had plans for today- otherwise we would likely be finding himself on the receiving end of many text messages asking for powerade refills. Did I mention this bloating is KILLER?!

The ultrasound went well, and there are still several growing follicles on both sides. We're still looking at about 20ish that look like they are possible contenders. I'm guessing not all of them will be mature at the time of collection, but what do I know? The largest is up to 17mm, the average size is somewhere around 15mm and my lining is at 9mm with a triple stripe pattern. I saw the NP this morning and she indicated that everything looked great and she was guessing I'd either trigger Monday or Tuesday night for a Wednesday or Thursday retrieval. I go back tomorrow morning for another monitoring appointment and hopefully we'll schedule the retrieval at that point!

I haven't heard back on my blood work yet, so I'm not sure where my e2 level is and if there will be a change in my foll.istim dose tonight. Crossing my fingers that Monday will be the last day of stims. I would LOVE to not purchase anymore drugs... that, and I'd love to know there will only be one more men.opur injection and the trigger shot being administering in my rump! My poor right hip is getting SORE!

The process is all totally worth it, and in reality it has been much better/easier than I had ever thought it would be. Now, if we can just manage to make it though the next few days as uneventfully as we have the last couple of weeks, we will be golden :)

Looks like I'll be buying more men.opur after all. When the nurse called with my blood results she said they'd rather see me back on Tuesday instead of Monday. I think they were concerned that my E2 was going to be really high, but while it is growing and doubling or almost doubling every couple of days, it isn't out of control high at 1297. As happy as I am to not have to drive 45 minutes in to the clinic tomorrow, I do still have to drive 40 minutes in to the pharmacy for my extra men.opur. Lame! Three days in a row... hooray! In addition to moving my next monitoring appointment out by a day, they also increased my foll.istim dose by another 25iu for tonight and tomorrow night. So I'm finally up to the dose they had planned to start me at 9 days ago. I have a feeling starting on half the dose was a REALLY good idea :)

So, in case you are wondering... that means I have AT LEAST 7 injections left. Which, in the scheme of things is practically nothing :)


uneggsplained said...

You are getting closer. I remember how uncomfortable the bloating was- and it felt like golf balls were emerging from my ovaries. Hang in there..... Sounds like your body is responding great to the drugs that they have you on. Hoping your next few days fly by :)

TurtleMama said...

Oh, bummer. I know you are getting impatient, but you are so close to being done! I wish I was where you are now! Hope you had a good day of rest.

Stephanie said...

You can do it!! You're almost there!! :) And by my late comment you really are since its Monday afternoon!

L said...

So glad to hear things are moving in the right direction!