Wednesday, July 20, 2011

1dp5dt... (update)

  • 23 hours into bed rest.... I am so bored!
  • when hubs left this morning, he said good-bye to both me and the babes.
  • I haven't heard if our other two embryos made it to blast yet- I hope so!!
  • Lemonade gatorade isn't so bad.
  • I feel completely and totally normal.
  • As of yesterday a couple of medications dropped off the list which makes managing it all a little easier!
And, because I don't want to forget... the story of our transfer day!

I woke up a little before five to a bladder that just couldn't wait, and after making a trip to the bathroom I couldn't fall back to sleep even though I tried and tried. Instead I just prayed that when the call came from the embryologist it would be good news. I checked blogs, I played games on my phone and I waited.

I had to take my progesterone supp. at 7am, so at that point I got out of bed took care of that and then jumped in the shower. I dried my hair and put on a little make up all while watching my phone- willing it to RING! After I got dressed and ready to go, I just sat around trying to relax while I waited for the call. The call that would tell us if we were going to make it to transfer.

At exactly 9am, a short 4 hours after I woke up, one of the embryologists called. I got super nervous and kinda wanted to throw up, but she didn't keep me in suspense too long.... she quickly shared that ALL FOUR of our fertilized embryos had made it to day five. Of the four, one was a perfect blast, one was just a little behind as an early blast, and the other two were about 11-12 hours behind. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I was standing in the bathroom when I got the call, and it and it was really fun to be able to see myself in the mirror as I heard the news- SO MUCH JOY! She asked if we were planning to transfer one or two and I quickly said TWO! I had began to think we might not have the choice if we only had one thriving embryo, so it felt really great to be able to make that choice instead of having it made for us. She said we would obviously transfer the perfect blast and from there most likely the early blast, but they would see what happened in the next couple of hours.

After getting the call we hugged and kissed and I screamed 'I'm so happy/excited/thrilled!' about thirty times and then we jumped in the car and headed to the clinic. I had the most ridiculous smile on my face the entire way to the clinic. I hadn't been really allowing myself to get too excited since hearing the fert report on Friday, so I was finally able to just be happy. I drank my water, but not too much considering my bladder was almost too full for the mock transfer.

When we arrived at the clinic we checked in, sat in the waiting room for all of 3 minutes when the door swung open and our name was being called. We headed back to the procedure area, got undressed from the waist down and slipped into my awesome gown. We were left in the our recovery room to drink water and relax. The nurse (the one I know from HS) came back and checked my bladder with the ultrasound. It was just right, so I could stop drinking water! She also checked in on my ovaries and neither of them looked to be overly huge, so that was a good sign.

After a little more resting, my doctor and the embryologist came in to talk to us about what was about to happen, our embryos and to slip me some Val.ium. About a minute later they were wheeling me into the procedure room. Unfortunately, hubs didn't get to be in the room for the actual transfer because our clinic takes the clean room very seriously. While I was in the room I chatted with my doctor and nurse, but mostly my eyes were glued to our perfect little embryos that were up on the monitor. The transfer itself wasn't really painful other than the multiple attempts to get the speculum just right, and then she had some trouble getting the catheter through my cervix, but overall, it was no more painful than a pelvic exam. It all happened fairly quickly and before I knew it I was being wheeled back to our recovery room with two embryos in my uterus :)

My options at this point for emptying my bladder were either waiting 15 minutes for a bed pan (uh, no thank you) or 45 for a trip to a real toilet. I waited it out. My bladder wasn't too painful, and I had a nice little drug induced nap to help pass the time! After dressing, using the restroom, hearing the discharge talk and getting a picture of our embryos I sat down in a wheelchair and our nurse pushed me out to our car and we headed home.

It was a pretty special day :)

**** UPDATE**** I heard from the embryologist around noon today, both of our other embryos made it to freeze!!!!!


Baby Hopes said...

Congratulations! Very sweet!!!

TeamBabyCEO said...

Glad to hear you are surviving bedrest and that the two embies made it to the freeze!

L said...

What great news! I'm so glad everything went well and now I'm praying your BFP is just around the corner.

Sarra said...

Thank you so much for sharing your story. I'm just a couple months away from my first round of IVF and it's so great to hear stories of what to expect. I have a great feeling for you! Congrats on being PUPO and on both of your little embies making it to freeze!

Kerrik said...

yeah!! congratulations!

TurtleMama said...

That's great! I am so glad you had good experience and your other 2 made it!

Emms said...

Congrats and baby dust to you!

Stephanie said...

What a great way to finish out your transfer! And you have some to freeze too, that's such a blessing!! Rest, rest, rest!

♥ C said...

Hello from a new follower.. Wishing you all the best and make sure you have plenty of rest.. hoping you will get you BFP very soon!!