Friday, July 15, 2011


We arrived at the clinic at 8:30 yesterday morning for my 9:15 retrieval. Once we filled out a little paper work we were taken back to procedure portion of the clinic and I changed into my awesome outfit complete with sexy gown, bonnet and booties.... HOT! They took my vitals and got the IV set up and then we just waited until it was time. We met with the doctor (another doctor in the practice) a second doctor that was from an IVF program in Hawaii and the anesthesiologist, signed our lives away and rested until the retrieval before of mine was over.

Soon, the anesthesiologist came in to get me, let me use the restroom one last time and we headed off to the procedure room. She introduced me to everyone in the OR (including someone I went to high school with) and they got me all set up! I vaguely remember them getting my legs into the giant stir-ups, and I remember the doctor coming in and making a few jokes with the nurses, but it was pretty quick after the "martini" went into my IV that I was OUT! When asked were I was going in my dream (after the first meds had gone in) I replied with- "someplace with lots of eggs!"

Once they wheeled me back to my recovery room, hubs said they all tried to talk to me and I just kind mumbled at them and couldn't answer any questions with anything other than "sure." I continued sleeping while the hubs when to give his sample. They took my vitals again and I got to have a drink FINALLY and then went to the bathroom. I had some mild cramping, but nothing I would have taken medication for while I was still laying down, but once I stood up to go to the restroom I could feel a little more pain, partially from having a full bladder, and partly due to the fact I'd just had a ginormous needle routing around in my lady bits. Not exactly my idea of the perfect way to spend a morning, but not as bad as you might think.

We were released at about 11, and I felt fine most of the 45 minute drive home. I started getting uncomfortable about 10 minutes out, but I assume that was again because my bladder was full and pushing on parts that had just been poked and prodded.

Recovery at home yesterday was uncomfortable, but after some tylenol, the heating pad (which helps the most by the way) and remembering the pain would be less if I used the restroom more often I did pretty well. I spent the majority of the day laying down drinking gatorade in hopes to squeek by without OHSS, or at least not a severe case. Which, so far seems to be going well. While I am bloated or heavy feeling this morning in my pelvis, I weigh the same amount I did yesterday morning and I don't seem to have any other signs so far.

I'm going take a second day to rest up and drink lots of fluids, and hopefully by tomorrow I will feel like being up and around a little more. We should find out this morning how our embryos are doing (they say between 9:30 and 10) and I'll be back to share the news just as soon as I fill the hubs in!

Grow embies, GROW!!!


Michele said...

That doesn't seem too bad. I'm glad it went so well. I'm hoping for some good results for you later today!!

Emms said...

Baby dust coming your way!
Grow embies!

TeamBabyCEO said...

Glad you are doing OK and the heating pad is helping. Hoping that call comes soon for the fert report!

L said...

So glad to hear everything went well and that you are starting to feel better!