Thursday, July 7, 2011

Stim Day 6...

It is starting to feel like I have a couple dozen marbles hanging out in my abdomen.

We increased my dose of foll.istim to 125iu for last night and tonight.

The dreams I've had recently have been CRAZY!

Monitoring ultrasound/blood work #3 is tomorrow morning... grow follies, GROW!!

I am not a very emotional person, however in the last 3 days I've cried while listening to the radio twice- over ridiculous things. Thank you raging hormones!

.... that is all for now! I'll be back with an update after tomorrow's appointment!


Shannon said...

Hi! Thanks for your comment on my blog! So exciting that you are in your stims!! Is it not just flying by? I felt like it went so fast. I have you on my prayer list and would love to know your name so I can pray for you by name. :) Email me if you ever want to talk, ask questions or just vent!

Baby Hopes said...

Sounds right on track for symptoms! Not that they're at all enjoyable, but that's a familiar description!