Monday, November 1, 2010


Uneventful.. .that is what my ultrasound was today. It is day 12 and I was expecting to find a couple of decent sized follies, walk out with a prescription for my trigger and return on Friday for the IUI. That was not the case. It appears that I will be returning on Friday, but instead of it being for an insemination, it will be for another ultrasound.

Today I had 3 pathetic little follicles. My doctor is confident that at least one of them will be nice and plump by Friday, so I guess we will wait a little longer! In the meantime my doctor suggested that I encourage those follies to "grow, grow, grow!!"

Pray for growing follies this week....preferably two instead of three :)


Bobbi said...

GROW, FOLLIES, GROW!!!! Make your mama proud. :) P.S. Just read the post about your husband's sperm. That motility is still really good and it doesn't like his sperm will stop an IUI from being successful! Keeping my fingers crossed for you this time around! :)

Stephanie said...

I know how frustrating it can be! We had our u/s last Wednesday and the RE only found 1 mature follie. While at least we had 1 so we were able to do our IUI#3 on Friday, it was still frustrating. Last cycle I had 2 great big mature ones...why just one this time. Makes me feel like we wasted a cycle, but we'll see what happens come November 15! Good luck with your next u/s! Sayings prayers that they get their butts in gear and start growing :)