Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Round 2...

We had our second IUI this morning. Everything went really smoothly and I really liked the doctor that we had today. He was super professional and told me everything he was doing as he did it. Thankfully my doctor had made some notes in my chart from my last IUI as to which speculum worked best, that was the worst part of our first IUI.

I think I explained that after our last insemination we found out that the hub's count and motility was a little low. For that reason, he completed a sperm function test a couple weeks ago. That test also came back with less than stellar results, but my doctor still was suggesting IUI as a valid option. Today's count was even less than both of the last samples. The doctor I saw today said that there is still every possibility that IUI could produce a pregnancy given today's sample, but also mentioned that IVF with ICSI may be on the horizon. I am ready for anything. Obviously I would love for this IUI to work, but in the event that my RE suggests IVF after reviewing the numbers then we are fully prepared to jump right in. Thankfully our insurance is AMAZING, and would cover the majority of our IVF expenses if that is the road we have to go down. It makes the idea of an IVF cycle much easier to consider. Seems weird to be thinking about IVF just hours after being inseminated.. perhaps I should just sit back for the next twelve days and relax. Whatever will be, will be.

On a random note..... Today when we arrived at the clinic for the insemination, there was a man and two young boys in the waiting room. The older of the two boys was playing on the client computer and the man was holding the younger boy bouncing near the door trying to get him to sleep. The hubs and I sat down, smiled at the boys and began reading our magazines. The waiting room is very small and we were pretty close to this little family. The man looked at me and very sweetly said, "please let me know if we are bumming you guys out." I replied by saying "oh no, you're fine." At first I thought it was super random, but on second thought I think it was incredibly compassionate. Maybe the most compassionate gesture that I have been on the receiving end of. I hope that like him, I always remember how this has felt.


Stephanie said...

Tears...tears right now that that gentleman asked about your comfort in that situation. How so very sweet!!

Secondly, yay for IUI#2. Sending you prayers for comfort and strength for the 2ww! My hubs doesn't have great motility and at our last IUI I was concerned about his count once they got rid of his bad swimmers with the wash and the RE told me we were fine. All they need is one little guy to make it! But like you, I'd move right into IVF in a heartbeat if it would get me closer to our baby!

Fingers crossed you don't have to look at IVF!

Brandi said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you! Praying that this is the cycle! I am glad that you are willing to move straight on to IVF. We hadn't really gave it much thought when we started IUI cycles because we just knew we would get pregnant. Now going into our first round of IVF, I am excited and nervous!!

Very sweet of that man to ask you that and take your feelings into consideration!

uneggsplained said...

aww that is so sweet.... what a kind man :) Good luck this cycle...... wishing the very best for you.

Erin said...

Fingers crossed that this is the one!

Very thoughtful of the man in the waiting room.

We are trying to embrace the NW - hubby is better at it than I - I miss the sun! (recently moved here from Hawaii...)