Thursday, September 9, 2010


I've had a million posts bouncing around in my head over that last couple of days, but lets start with today.....

Today my husband and I had a consultation with our Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE). I have been worrying about this day since the time my OB/GYN suggested making an appointment about 8 months ago. When my OB (well, actually she is an Nurse Practitioner NP) had suggested seeking the assistance of a RE I was at a point that I just needed a break. I needed to step back from everything and just relax for a little while. After all, isn't that the cure all for infertility? In my case, obviously not.

So, once I finally built up the courage, I made the appointment. Truth be told, it wasn't nearly as intimidating as I had imagined it. We got in promptly at our appointment time (waiting always makes me anxious), I had my vitals taken (holy blood pressure!) and we had out picture taken for our chart, then we were called back to talk with the doctor. She went over our medical history with us and talked in depth about all of the things that need to happen in a given cycle to achieve pregnancy. She talked about all of the things that we have going for us, and also the few things that may be potential road blocks. Next she went over possible treatments and gave us a general plan of attack.

It looks like we will be spending the next cycle undergoing a few tests that we haven't yet had (CD3 blood work, HSG, and a baseline transvaginal ultrasound.) From there, our first treatment cycle will consist of clomid, monitoring, a trigger and IUI. I am terrified and excited all at the same time! Our doctor seemed optimistic (and told us that we should be as well) that we would get pregnant. For now she is suggesting several clomid/IUI cycles before we jump into injectables/IUI or IVF, but was very clear that this may change after seeing our test results.

She also suggested that in the meantime I see about having an endometrial biopsy done at my NP's office. I have already called them and am just waiting for their response.

I am a creature of momentum. Once the ball is rolling I am ready to jump right in and do what needs to be done. It is the initial effort that is sometimes hard to muster up!


Bobbi Johnson said...

Yay!!! So happy about your appointment! Things sound so promising. :) Hoping and praying you only have to do one round of Clomid/IUI. :)

jrs said...

I'm glad your appointment went well.
Did you ever tell your family about infertility?

We ended up telling ours when I needed to get my surgery done for my unicornuate uterus. And then I told them when we did IVF one time, but then after that I got tired of the questions and the "i know so and so" and the "how are you doing?" questions. so I kindof closed up about it. It can be tricky balance sometimes. Then, obviously I told them about the adoption stuff.

I hope all is going well with you. Thanks for stopping by my blog