Friday, September 17, 2010

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus...

So, today after the appointment that I referenced in the previous post I had the following conversation via instant message with my husband while he was at work....

ME: My appointment was good and bad.

HIM: hmmm. Do you want to explain now, or tell me in person?

ME: The good was that the Dr said that I don't need to do the biopsy. The bad is that I nearly punched a pregnant intern.

HIM: Ha, those are BOTH good!

ME: She was interning with my Dr. and nearly uttered the words turkey and baster while I was chatting with my doctor about our plans for IUI... Wow, so professional. I shot my Dr. a look and she quickly explained what it was to the idiot fertile.

HIM: NEARLY punched = good ACTUALLY punched = not good

ME: Gosh fertile people are so dumb. Plus, who brings an obviously pregnant intern into an infertile woman's appointment? There is nothing like talking about our lack of baby while another woman sits and rubs her belly. Seriously. Shoot me.

HIM: Wow. I would think that infertile women would be happy to have a prego around. (ummm did he really just say that??)

ME: Absolutely NOT!

HIM: Who is to say that she isn't a successful result of the process we are currently going through? (Always the voice of reason)

ME: She isn't... she made that clear.

HIM: Maybe you should take a little extra dose of the bitterness when you wake up in the morning!

ME: No infertile woman would even consider saying anything about a turkey baster.

HIM: I have heard YOU say it... so.... (Crap, got me there!)

ME: Um, am I a doctor? Not to mention when I've said it I was I kidding, not thinking it was an actual medical procedure! There I was talking about iui and she said "is that the turk......" I shot my Dr a look and pregnant intern tried again with "what is iui?" followed by.... "you can do that at home right?" I hope she has A LOT more school before she is actually seeing patients in that setting. But no, I am not bitter :)

HIM: uh-huh :)

I was cracking up through this entire conversation... it is so funny how differently men and women perceive the same situation.

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