Friday, September 17, 2010

A few things...

Is it really necessary to bring in the pregnant intern when we are talking about my infertility? Not only did she sit with her hand on her belly the whole time, she also ALMOST let the words turkey and baster leave her lips when I was telling the nurse practitioner about our plans to do IUI. I'm not sure what her focus area was, but lets either pray that she has A LOT more schooling to get through or that she is not focusing on women's health.

My chart is almost unrecognizable this cycle. It appears that I *might* have actually ovulated, but I also started taking thyroid medication this cycle... perhaps that is what warmed me up? I trust my body approximately 5 % of the time, so who knows.

I have never been more ready for my period to arrive. I am ready to start the testing cycle so we can move on to the treatment cycle!

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