Friday, September 10, 2010


I have a few more thoughts about our trip to the fertility clinic yesterday....

... anyone else feel like their clinic is a baby factory? Although I didn't "see" a single pregnant woman (aside from one that was working there) that place was hoppin'.

... expectations are funny. After I had researched this clinic I had a very clear picture of the door that I would walk into to start this journey. Ha! Instead it was a very non-descriptive door with a tiny sign with the clinic's name. No windows, no nice sign welcoming me to the appointment I had been dreading. Just another white door in a hallway of several white doors.

... expectations are STILL funny. I also had a picture of the waiting room in my mind as I walked in. I knew going in that the facility itself is state of the art, but I was expecting to walk into a waiting room pretty similar to any other doctor's waiting room. Especially after the super plain white door I walked into. Instead I walked into a nice calming waiting room. The walls were painted a nice brown and a shade of calming blue. There wasn't a piece of furniture or decor that I wouldn't put in my own home.

... how nice is it to walk into a waiting room full of people who are facing the same or similar struggle that you are facing? A place where you can pretty openly say things like semen analysis at the first desk and not be worried about what the other people in the waiting room at thinking. A place where every toe is tapping and husbands are holding their wife's hand.

I'm glad the clinic wasn't exactly what I had expected. It forced me to get my expectations in check. My expectation for the next couple of cycles is simply receiving good care from my doctor. I am not setting my expectations unattainably high, I'll just be super happy if my expectations are exceeded :)

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Bobbi Johnson said...

Good!!! I'm so glad you visited a fertility clinic. I was so intimidated when I walked into my fertility clinic too. I guess it's just natural. What do you hope to come from your visit? I soooooo appreciate all your comments on my blog. Do you know I don't get updates from your blog, even though I'm following you? Every other blog I'm following I receive their recent posts, but not yours...weird. :( It's tricky because sometimes I forget to read your post, and I never want to do that because I really enjoy your blog! I'm thinking about you. Praying for you!!! Good things are to come for you...I know it!