Friday, May 25, 2012


I said awhile ago that my intention was to have most of the big things taken care of by the time I reached 28 weeks.

For anyone who is keeping track, that is about a week and a half away. Um, how did that happen?

So, I thought I'd compile of list of things that still need to be done and you can all laugh, point and ask me how I intend to get all of it done in a little more than a week when I have out of town guests coming twice in the middle of this time frame, and have about the same amount of energy as an infant.

  • Sew a blanket for each baby.
  • Sew one more crib skirt.
  • Sew and hang two curtain panels with black-out liner.
  • Sew a couple more changing pad covers.
  • Remove unnecessary items from the nursery (two walkers, play saucer, pack & play) and find a place for them.
  • Clean two bouncy seats and a swing that were passed down to us- find a place for them.
  • Finish all baby laundry up-to 3 months. 
  • Get nursery closet organized.
  • Finalize list of things that need to be purchased before their arrival. 
  • Finish wall hangings for over crib and changing table. 
  • Get guest bedroom/office organized for visitors pre-babies and helpers post-babies.
  • Re-arrange master bedroom to accommodate pack & play, rocker and other baby items.
That might be all, but I feel like I'm missing a thing or two. I have about 12 days and my list has 12 items on it... maybe, just maybe it is do-able??!?! 


E and R said...

Sure it is! :)
I remember all the stuff I was trying to get done before Alexis was born (painting anyone?? hahah).
Good luck with it all!

Amy said...

Totally doable! Just pick one item to do per day and do the most important items first. And on days when you have more energy, do more than one thing if you can!

Good luck, I am getting so excited for you!

Anonymous said...

You left off list: Learn to let go of what you need to release in order to take care of yourself and those you love.

L said...

I totally think you can do it, plus how fun will it be to check each thing off your list?

Emily said...

I hope you have help so you don't run yourself to exhaustion. You still have time if you don't get it done by 28 weeks. Don't worry you will be ready.